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e-Learning 2.0 by Apple… I love it…
May 30, 2007
Today after updating my iTunes I discovered a new feature that made me really happy… not the iTunes Plus (yes it’s a great thing)… but the new iTunes U. For the people that doesn’t know it, this is a part of iTunes where various Universities put lessons and lectures for free available for everyone. Internet […]
Will be able Second Life to face the future?
May 17, 2007
In the world of today I think that Second Life has two enemies: Competition – Today I was looking around on Blogs and I have found something that made me think as always. I don’t want to any type of advertising, but I was looking to Entropia Universe and I looked at the screenshots and […]
Blogs… How many they are?
May 16, 2007
I just opened my “new edit” blog a couple of minutes ago, and my first “real” entry is about blogs… I was thinking… How many people have a blog? This is hard to estimate, cause one person can have more than a blog and a blog can have more than an author, but counting the […]