Blogs… How many they are?
May 16, 2007

I just opened my “new edit” blog a couple of minutes ago, and my first “real” entry is about blogs… I was thinking…

  1. How many people have a blog? This is hard to estimate, cause one person can have more than a blog and a blog can have more than an author, but counting the number of blogs there will be an approximate number.
  2. Why almost every internet user has a blog? Everyone in the world will give you an answer telling that it is so cause is easy to create, is free and you can talk about anything I want.

I have thought quite a while about blogs and I”m considering two aspects really important for me:

  1. Public Diary – I remember that when I was child lots my cousin had a diary where she was writing her secrets and thoughts, and sometimes there was a challenge between my friends to discover where that diary was and read those secrets, so there were two clues, privacy and hidden. More or less the blog can be considered like a diary but with the differences that everything in it can be seen by everyone, but with the difference that that to “internet anonymity” no-one would be able to know who is writing those stories or secrets. So at the end cause there is no reference between facts and author all the secrets are safe.
  2. New Consciousness – The second aspect that has to be considered is that blogs gave to people a chance to talk and say their own opinion thinking… “If he can be write this stuff I can too” and thank to the “internet anonymity” the reader will never know who is the author and his background that allows him to write about some kind of stuff. So everyone is going to be considered at the same level. This is also good cause also people that has good opinions but with no “traditional” way to say and explain it, now they have no walls that can block their own ideas and opinion.

Also a thing came on my mind… how many are the “dead blogs” and they count on the number?

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