Will be able Second Life to face the future?
May 17, 2007

In the world of today I think that Second Life has two enemies:

  1. Competition – Today I was looking around on Blogs and I have found something that made me think as always. I don’t want to any type of advertising, but I was looking to Entropia Universe and I looked at the screenshots and at the “possibilities” that are shown inside the web site and I was thinking about the fate of Second Life, not cause I think that Entropia is the killer application (I couldn’t try it cause I have a Mac), but because Second Life is facing really good competition. A competition that has the power and means to create a similar product and a good alternative.
  2. Real World Laws: In particular case in those days taxation… I have heard news about real taxation inside the Second life world, and I think that is not a good thing for Second Life, essentially cause people that enter in a virtual world want to escape from the real one for a couple of hours, becoming the hero or person that he never had the possibility to become (cause the world). He doesn’t want to find in that world ANYTHING that can be a reference to the real world, to the everyday life. If Tax Man will be able to enter in Second Life, in the same moment will begin the fall of the philosophy of internet entertainment cause Real World and Virtual World will merge… in a place born as an escape to the reality… and if it will happen, Second Life will be the first of a long change on Internet…

In the last couple of years we have faced the creation and evolution of those type of games, the first one was “Ultima On-Line” then arrived new and new ones, more beautiful, with more options and in 3D. Today the king is Second Life, cause it was the first one to come out, but also the first has to evolve to be always better than the others…

My advice… let the virtual life stay virtual… we just pay taxes in the real world, we don’t need more taxes. A question comes to my mind… I’m an European Citizen… to which state or country I will have pay taxes for my virtual life, giving in this way more power?

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  • Federica says:

    that s a good and intersting question! i ve never thought about that. As a matter of facts virtual world, according to his definition, as no borders and even less native country.

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