You-Tube Copyright Robot-Kamikaze
June 13, 2007
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Today came out the news that You-Tube (Google) will test a new software or robot that will be able to find copyrighted material and to delete it. It will be a great thing for You-Tube:

  1. Less copyright law fights and lawsuits, and less fees to pay, it will gain a couple of billion of dollar if this will have success.
  2. Less videos, means less costs for the disk-space and the bandwidth to be used to delivery the file to the user.

It will be a risks for You-Tube:


  1. Users will feel betrayed cause You-Tube has changed his initial spirit deleting material that are easy to access on internet for free.
  2. For this reason people will leave the web-site and this can kill the investment made by google and the initial worth of the web-site.



Personally 90% of the videos that I have in my favorites are pieces from my favorite movies and music videos, if You-Tube will kill those videos probably I will leave You-Tube and my free-time-enjoy internet time will be compromised, I will have to find something else to do or simply some other web-site where to stay in that time. Cause I what probably will remain only not copyrighted material someone can tell me fundamentally “where is the difference with podcasts at this point?

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