IPTV??? We are starting now…
June 22, 2007

Today I’m going to talk about how IPTV is moving on… and about two different directions on his development. There are two platform right now that are doing really well, and I have to say that I’m a subscriber of both and also I use them a lot during the evenings… but both has different souls…

Vuze is a really good product, is free, and there are lots of video that can be downloaded in HD, is pretty fast and people (every user) can upload his own video without any problem. This television uses the P2P network of azureus to share the videos and I have to say that it works great… but is this a real IPTV??? I think not really, first of all cause you can only download the videos then see it on your computer and use the SW installed to see them, for example when I download some videos I have the problem that those sometimes are .mov, other time in .wmv and me that I’m a Mac User sometimes creates some problems, second thing is that Vuze is a part of Azureus a Torrent Client software that permits to download torrents files and seems to me that this software is not like a real IPTV Sw, but only a video on demand web-site. Is more or less like you tube, but with HD videos that I LOVE…

The second software is Joost, and I have to say that this is the REAL IPTV software, when you use it starts with the streaming of the videos, then when you want you can look at the videos that you want simply choosing them… ok is not HD (for now I think)… but there is a lot of Hight Quality stuff.

Also a thing that I love everything is made with the same codec, so doesn’t meant the OS you use, it always works… and that is really GREAT.

Both are great IPTV SW and both offers different contnts and way of view, but for me Joost is in better shape and that is the way how IPTV should be… Passive (You see what it proposes) and in the same time Active (You decide what you want)… Anyway HD is the future, so better run also in that direction…

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