Web 2.0 – A new quality valuation criteria
June 29, 2007

Usually to understand if a web-page and is contents are good, people that creates web-sites or that has passion uses some criteria that were developed by Alexander & Tate, those criteria are:

  1. Authority: The possibility to identify who is the editor of the contents, and if he is an authority in what he writes.
  2. Accuracy: Consist in understanding if the informations are right and worth.
  3. Objectivity: If the editor/author of the web-site covers all the aspects of the subject, and not only the interests of himself.
  4. Currency: in this way we can see if the informations and the contents are old, and by the way not totally worth, or if the web site is up to date, so to be sure that the informations have some worth.
  5. Coverage: What the web-site talks about and how deep it talks about the subject, if it talks about various subjects or if it focus only on few subjects.

I think that it was worth for the web 1.0, and those still are for the web 2.0, but I think that there is the need to add a new criteria, the people criteria, the one that can be called:

  • Reputation, this part of the quality vision is about how people thinks about the web site, and this covers also the previous points, other people can say that this is a result form time applied to the previous criteria, but I don’t think in this way.

Sometimes happens that also a web-site that has a good quality Authority, Accuracy, Objectivity, Currency, Coverage, and maintains those hight standards, can not be good, cause of the reputation that people has of it. People now has more power than before, now they have means like “Digg” or “Sphere”, they can share with perfect strangers their thought and opinions about it and the reputation that gains from the users is a thing that came along with the 2.0 technology. Today is a day that for how much we think and we work on a web-site and we put the best quality on it, if the customer, that is the internet user doesn’t perceive the quality and the effort, everything has been made for nothing.

The thing about it is that today in the web 2.0 there is a spread of words that is fast and accurate, people write about it and other people can share the same position also without visiting the web-site.

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