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August 20, 2007

I know that this post is not really about websites or internet itself, but where there is information and communication there is manipulation… and sometimes there is the need to go back to the basics of the communication to understand better the evolution that it had on Internet… and the image below explain the concept…

Manipulation can fit in the following phrase “what the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believe”… this discipline is used by advertisers, PR, lawyers, politicians, teachers and can be considered like the art or Creating Consent between people giving them information… or better hiding some information and showing some other, depends on the vantage that there is the need to reach…
In the Old Information Environment to manipulate people was very easy, people had a certain difficulty to reach and understand information for two reasons:

  1. Knowledge: People were ready to believe everything because there wasn’t a spread education like nowadays. So the authors of Tv Sets or Journalist had to explain difficult concepts in an easy way, and in this part lots of important information were missed and never know to the people.
  2. Accessibility: There were only two or three sources of information and find the original source would have taken lot of time.
  3. One-Way Communication: People could only listen and read the information and news and they had no possibility to reply or to interact with the source, cause the source was the only one to broadcast.

In the world of today those things has changed, the people are more educated than before, the sources can be found easily, also if those are official, and there is the possibility to reply to the journalist and more than before there are more sources and point of views that can be found on internet and everything for free.

Now look at the image… what do you see… two ways to report an information… a simple example to manipulate an information, to create consent…

We have internet… time to feel free to think… think different 🙂 … think your way…

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