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Something about Alexa’s Rankings…
October 22, 2007
I’m a user experience and SEO professional and like everyone that makes my job, I use Alexa tool everyday to do my job, to find the physiological position of the company that I serve and the competitors that it can have. Is routine and Alexa provides me data that I wouldn’t be able to get […]
DMR… Oh!!! Mother Madonna!!! A miracle…
October 11, 2007
In those days I’m looking at a miracle, and I have to say that Mother Madonna maybe started a revolution… that hopefully will be the reinsurance of Internet… not in the 2.0 world but in the heart of Internet. For the people who don’t know, Madonna in those days decided to fire the record company […]
When Internet shows borders…
October 2, 2007
In those days happened again… I moved back in Europe and I couldn’t access to some web sites and contents… cause my IP is not in the US soil… This is the thing that I hate most of the Internet (and I have to say that Internet is the very best thing that humanity has […]