When Internet shows borders…
October 2, 2007

In those days happened again… I moved back in Europe and I couldn’t access to some web sites and contents… cause my IP is not in the US soil…

This is the thing that I hate most of the Internet (and I have to say that Internet is the very best thing that humanity has created and I LOVE IT), every time I come back in Europe I have to stop to access on my favorite web-service mostly cause of Copyright protection plans… copyrights that anyway are violated in some way… When I was in USA for work I found on You tube a video of a song that I really love, the user that uploaded the video is the same artist and everything is legal and there is no copyright infringements… now a little excursus that I must to write, this action by the artist reveals to be great because:

  1. The video is legal and licensed
  2. The video is in really Good quality (I have to say excellent)

That move gave as a result two things:

  1. Immediate feedback about the song: The maketing depatment and the band itself can see the comments of the users, their actual number of visits and how many times they favorites the video/song, and all those data are FREE and they have to make nothing but waiting for the information and than read and understand them, and believe me… those information are really important.
  2. No competition between users: Usually Internet people for competition or fun when they see that someone updated a new video they compete to put the same video in better quality, maybe to challenge the Music Industry, maybe for fun… but in that case there is no other competitor, cause the video is available for free and in the best quality so there is no why to compete between users.

Now after the digression on this topic it’s time to go back to the original post theme, the idea that I have to try to explain is that the wrong management of the copyrighted material on internet is bad for the producers of the content… USA is big but is not the world… is really important, but there are more people outside that country that want to access to the contents and they are finding other ways to get what they want…

They create brand new services that are clones of the USA (like happened when Pandora shout down in Europe and SoundPedia raised with the same service) or they get the content and distribute them using torrents of file sharing systems… and this is a situation where big companies and musicians usually lose… money and information (see the points above).

Internet has no borders for nature… creating them by the copyright laws and distribution policies doesn’t help business at all…

P.s. – How I solved the problem? I bought the video in iTunes, cause fortunately I have an American store account…

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