DMR… Oh!!! Mother Madonna!!! A miracle…
October 11, 2007

In those days I’m looking at a miracle, and I have to say that Mother Madonna maybe started a revolution… that hopefully will be the reinsurance of Internet… not in the 2.0 world but in the heart of Internet.

For the people who don’t know, Madonna in those days decided to fire the record company that she was contracted with and switched with an another one (For more and more detailed information read here).

What that means, that the big names of the music figured out before the big labels the power of Internet, but more important is that they discovered that are no more needed to create music and distribute it. Internet made possible lots of things communication, collaboration and… new distribution possibilities… years ago the only way you had to distribute a content was to hope that some great label would take you under their big and strong wings, wings that could take you everywhere also in places that you would never imagine to reach, cause they had power and knowledge… but now that knowledge is nothing cause trough internet you now can reach and be reached in seconds, giving to everyone the possibility to create a great distribution company… there is only the need of bravery and ideas, than Internet will do the rest…

Today is the day of the Record Industry… tomorrow the retailers…

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