Are you creative and you play fair on your Blogging activity?
November 9, 2007

Yesterday I surfing in the Blogosphere and I started to think about how a lot of blogs has a lots of posts and I manage to publish a post every a couple of days… I was wondering on how those bloggers were able to do it, and what I was missing… then I thought on the nature of the Blog.

Everyone can blog, that’s the great thing of the Web 2.0, but there are different types of blogs:

  1. Do_Yourself_Blog: are the types of blogs that gives to people completely new posts, where the author create something new, original, about what he knows more and what he likes to write about.
  2. Let_The_Others_Do: those are the blogs that you can mostly find on the web, they are blogs that past and copy the work of the others and they link to it. There is nothing really new on the blog, is like some kind of post feed.

I have to say that when I write I decide to create something new, to try to give my readers something new, to inspire them in some way, to give them something original and that can’t be found somewhere else. I have nothing to say against the other types of blogs, I respect them and I have some of them in my feed, but they doesn’t give me anything new that I can find in other Blogs and feeds.

Some other blogs are long, some others are short, but the important thing for me is if they are original, I wanna see a new version of a news, a new side, prospective… maybe understand and valuate different sides of the same thing… That’s my side…

For me would be easier to copy, paste and cite the most interesting posts that I read everyday, but It would be fair for my sources, because I’m going to stole readers to my sources, because they are going to read the post on my blog and not on their, in a certain way I’m using the others work to stole their readers, I know seems hard to say, but I don’t think that It is completely fair… so for example when I write my posts basing it on other blog ‘s posts I write a link to the source (so they have a backlink), saying “I have found a post in this blog“, and If for some reason I need to write the post, I’m going to copy the part that is interesting but now the full post, in this way my readers has to go on my source’s blog to read the full post, and my source gains a returning visitor…

I think that this is the way to write a Blog, create something new and if you want to cite something else, just cite and redirect, but not copy the fullpost… everything is free on internet and sharing is easy, so play good…

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  • Mark Penix says:

    There is a third type of blog.

    Let Others Do, but add to it. One of the most popular forms.

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