What ANDROID can do for the New Internet Era?
November 13, 2007

In those days there has been a lot of talking about the gPhone or as has been named now “ANDROID“. I have to say that I’m really happy about it, because It embed all the spirit of Internet and mass collaboration. The why is not only because it is sponsored by the biggest internet Company on the planet, but because will be a device for users made by the users themselves…

This can sound obvious but will be a real revolution for the communication on the Internet. After the start of Linux people has started to begin to understand that the future stays on the mass collaboration, because as people say “Together we win” and is what Internet makes us able to and what Internet is, mass collaboration and mass creation of something perfect… modeled on the needs of the people, created by the people and improved by the people… also the source of the OS is available to everyone to create application for the phone following the inner spirit and the need of every “creator”… Now there is a challenge, with a big prize for the best application created for that platform, but at the end the real winner will be the final user, that will be able to use a product tested and fixed by great minds, a product suited for them, reliable, and simple

The real winner will not be the free application, because lots of them will be available for free (like lots of widgets on the web) but the most simple application to use (or user friendly), because everyone will choose between two things with the same price the one that is smartest, there will be the need to redesign some law of simplicity… there will be a lot of work to do… but together we will able to do it easily…

About the communication this challenge will create new communities, new platforms to grant a better communication between developers, and more important will create a bigger consciousness about the collaboration and that there are no borders on Internet…

What would be the guidelines for a good ANDROID application?

  1. Simple: the world is really complicated for lot of reasons in those days and everyone loves simple things, and things that are easy to use, people doesn’t want to know how the application works, or all the different configurations that it can have, there is the need of something that people can intuitively understand and use… a little advice while designing the application… keep repeating this line “Would my mother be able to use this application?” if the answer is a maybe or a no, find a way to make it a yes.
  2. Smart: on the web are available almost everything that we need to produce and communicate, there is no need to create something completely new (in a lot of cases), think about how people can improve the use of what they just know or know how to use. People are going to use PC and ANDROID together during the day, make your application smarter than the user can imagine, don’t make the user feel a gap between the devices.
  3. Reliable: everyone love things that works in any condition and that they keep working. There is the need of stable things, cause no-one wants to wait or stop themselves for a technical issue.
  4. Open: accept and use open standards… don’t try to create a new standard… probably it wouldn’t be accepted by the users…

Devices like that will make the distance between Human and Internet shorter than before… we will be more confident by Internet and we are going to feel the need of Internet mostly during the day, we will be closer to our people and the world will be closer to us…

I have to say that in the next months there will be a lot to talk about this product and on how internet is evolving thank to that idea…

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