The Real Meaning of Democracy…
November 24, 2007

A couple of moments ago I have read a news that made me really unhappy (source TechCrunch), this news is about how the French Government (and his president) decided to make a law where if a user downloads P2P files he will lose his internet connection.

I have to say that this is a really mean thing… for sure no-one is going to like it and I think it will be a LOSE to LOSE to LOSE affair:

  1. LOSE n.1 = The Government – it will lose credibility and popularity between the people of France, demonstrating that old business models still rules in that country and the your people, that are the most part that uses the p2p technology, will change their mind on the government and there is the need to consider that they will be the future electors.
  2. LOSE n.2 = The Production Businesses – They will be able to lose lots of future customers by agreeing with this law, their product will for sure lose popularity and users will give attention to new forms of production like SellaBand.
  3. LOSE n.3 = The Users – They will lose their Internet Connections, they use them for work also, and for fun, they are able to communicate with the world, and they can gather more information and increase their culture with the informations that they get and create from Internet, using P2P and also the good old web.

Also I was looking on Wikipedia to some political terms, one of the means of Republicis sometimes used to describe are representative democracy“, then Democracy is “Its name comes from the ancient Greek for “rule by the people“”, and France is a Republic… what the people want? they want to have their best communicational way closed, their way to share ideas, feelings… blocked… ?

I know that downloading copyrighted Movies and Songs form internet is not fair for the people that produced them, but I think that there is the need to create a new economic system to deal with those two different world (Internet & Copyright), there is the need to create new economic models… you can’t bend together old business and new communication systems… so we need to put our efforts to find a solution good for everyone, not to punish people, today is P2P, tomorrow people will find a new way to share… will be a war that will have no real winners… there is the need to come together and talk and find a solution fair for everyone…

On the post linked before, I was really sad for the quote made by John Kennedy, which vision are they talking about… not the vision of the Internet People… but of few people… I really hope that Nicolas Sarkozy will not come to LeWeb3 this year, maybe is not the right place to share visions…

More culture and knowledge we share with each other more we will know about the others… and there will be more possibilities to survive… anyway if it is legal is better…

Update 26/Nov/2007: This post has been translated in French and is available here. Thank “kraftonZ”

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