About the new Facebook Advertising Program…
November 26, 2007

There would be a lot things to talk about today… and I will talk about FaceBook and the concern about his new Big Brother style… (a good post about it can be found here). Anyway I can’t hide that I’m a Facebook user, and in the past I have written a post months ago about it, and how I liked it… and how I still do.

There is the need to try to understand why Facebook started to create this target advertising program… they need money and income to survive, it can seem mean, but it is the truth… right now they had a lot of financing, they were financed for millions of dollars, and in some way they need to give those money back to their investors… now looking at the business side of Facebook, every business or company has to cover expenses, pay bills, employers, technical equipment, bandwidth… running a business of this type is really expensive (I know too well those things in my little), and the service that Facebook provide is totally free… for everyone… how they suppose to get back the money they are using… and also having a gain on what they are doing… business is also gaining money, I considering it as a little reward for hard work and the risk that has been taken and managed… and one of the ways to make Facebook surviving is to sell targeted advertising…

Now there is the need to start considering that in any social network you put the information you want to share with others (ok… others can tag you in the pictures, but you can delete the tagging if you want), so your friends see the part of your life that you share with them via Facebook, they can see your travels, pictures, people you are related with, favorite books, movies, quotes… you put the information, if you want to hide or not to share personal informations you can and no-one will be able to know them… we decide the level of privacy we want by sharing personal informations with others…

I have to say that Facebook (and other social networks I’m subscriber) saves me a lot of time staying connected with friend and people that I haven’t seen in a long time… I haven’t to remember to send my friends e-mails regarding the most recent updates of my life and remember to who I have to send it… everything is there, online… the life I have decided to share with others, so my friends can see how I’m going… and stay connected in a simple, fast and easy way… (this aspect of the social network came out during a talking with my friend Lorenzo Maternini).

Now a little digression on the advertising industry. In the evolution of the advertising industry we have seen that ad campaigns have always narrowed the target of people they want to reach… slowly they were able to get information about the audience and target the campaigns, saving a lot of money… cause they were reaching the people they want.
How they are reaching the people they want? Using the informations that you decide to share… yesterday filling a form, today sharing it with friends… can be considered in a certain way a new evolution of the Direct Marketing
This can be seen by people as a bad thing… but for the advertiser it’s a great thing… and you maybe can find also things that you can like and need, because people looked at your profile and suggets something… It’s marketing and advertising… we see it on newspapers, billboards, tv, internet, magazines, radio, etc etc… now on social networks…

Anyway I have to say something about the advertising system:

  1. Don’t want they know me: if they are able to target me looking at the stereotype they are looking for, I’m ok… I know that are looking for people that have interests in common with me, but I DON’T WANT they are able to see my name and start to send to me or my friends personal messages about me and the things that I bought… Like AdWords works, I can target the type of people but not the people itself…
  2. STOP VIAGRA: I don’t want to see advertising of Viagra on my friend’s page or that they see it in mine… for now (and I hope for a long time I will not need it), I receive offers for Viagra in my mail daily as a spam… I don’t wanna see it anywhere else.

My final thought about this post?For Facebook this new ad platform was a need to survive, they give a service for free, they need to money to keep the service going… Users, you decide what to share of your life… Facebook have to make rules for the advertisers and types of advertising, I can’t tolerate some kind of advertising on my page… (would be cool if facebook would ask you the type of ad that you can tolerate to be shown on your profile)

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