Giving… that’s what Web 2.0 is about…
November 30, 2007

In those days I finished to read the book of Bill Clinton “Giving”, I have to say that this is a great book, and also that is very inspiring, and has to be considered not only by the people, but also by the Entrepreneurs, and mostly by the Web 2.0 ones…

Why the last sentence? Why the web 2.0 has do to with giving? Simple… the web 2.0 is all about giving… When you create a web 2.0 web application, you create a platform where the people can provide the content to your web site… this is what the web 2 is all about, and is worth for a Video Sharing Platform and also to the web site where you find the lyrics of your favorite songs… but it is only a little part…

When you create and finance a web 2.0 application you create a platform that gives the people the possibility to give to other their knowledge, culture and ideas… the possibility to share what they want, in the place that is more appropriate to share for them… so what the 2.0 Entrepreneur has to do:

  1. Change the final goal: I know a some 2.0 Entrepreneur, and they are “all about the money”, they want to gain millions in minutes only having a web site… If you are one of them you have to consider that the contents are provided by your users for free, so you haven’t to pay them, cause they are givers by nature, and they make you save big money on the content creation. Lots of times web 2 sites goes in dead pools sometimes for their poor business model, they have big expenses and usually they don’t have lots of returning visits. There is the need to understand that you create a platform not for personal gain, but a platform to make others give to others… you are going to gain some money, but probably not millions as you were hoping… You have to change your mind form a Greed position to a Giving position… gaining is part of the business game, but there is the need to resize our expectations.
  2. A new question: when you create a 2.0 website keep in mind this questio… “How can I help my users to give more using my web platform?”. More the people can give and interact between them, more likely they will come back… and more chances you will have to succeed.

Think about the most successfully Web2.0 sites, Wikipedia of example, is all about giving… to survive they ask donations… they have no business model than giving for free… and people are willing to help this project giving for free their time and knowledge to increase… this is something made for the greater good…

Internet people uses the web2 to share and give… and there is nothing better that sharing knowledge and passions with others… What we should give?

  1. We (The Users): what we are the best in doing, what we know best our passions…
  2. We (The 2.0 Entrepreneurs): our ideas and the platforms that we know would help people to give and get more and in an easier way.

In internet everyone can win… the secret is the will to give…

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