When the OS is You… The Next Future of the OS…
December 5, 2007

A couple of days ago I have read a post on my friend’s blog that I found really interesting, he was explaining his vision of the perfect computer. And came on my mind a project that some students of the MIT that made a project that I have to say will that it will be the future evolution of the OS that we use today, this great project is called “YouOS“.

This project that has been listed as one of the “The 20 Most Innovative Product of the Year” by PC Word can be considered real evolution of the OS and will solve a lot of problems that in the world of today we have to deal with:

  1. Piracy – The piracy of the OS will be probably defeated. The OS will be complitely hosted by a server and there will be the need to create an account to access to it. Will be similar to the Mail management account, private and personal, and no-one is going to share it with other people personal informations.
  2. Resources – Most of the data will be elaborated by the server and in your PC that would become a client will be shown only the result of the elaboration. This will give the people the possibility not to change every couple of months the parts of their PC to stay “at the state of the art”.
  3. Protection – There would be no need of AntiVirus, because there will be central protection system, that will kill the treats (worms, virus, spyware) at their beginning, because the OS will be updated and secured continuously. Also there will be no need to download updates and wait to install it, the OS will update and will be always updated.
  4. Installation & SetUp – If you will need a new software on your OS, you will need only to buy it on the OS and it will appear on your desktop right away, without any installation or waiting… and without any setup. Once you buy the Software will be up and ready to run.

This is what this OS will be able to do with a little more development… but there is the need to point why this OS is not for Today, but for Tomorrow:

  1. Internet Coverage – This OS will be available only via Internet, and if you would find yourself with your laptop in a place without coverage, you can’t do anything… and if you will work off-line there would be some synchronization problems to take care of.
  2. Customization – With a OS like that maybe you would be able to install only the SW that the company that owns the OS allows, and you would be not able to “play” with the OS in the same way that you can do with a Microsoft OS. (Right now YouOS permits to you to create softwares in javascript and share with others, I’m thinking like if some BIG company would do a similar project).
  3. Culture – Lot of people use their personal computer to store their files, they have no mentality (especially the mature ones) to put them on internet and access to them worldwide. There is the common feeling not to own what you created.

I have to say that the model of this OS in the near future would be the standard of the OS, and also I consider it as one of the most brilliant ideas of this century. I can’t really imagine also what this Os and the 2.0 development idea would be able to do… There would be more software available than in any other system…

P.S. – A product like that would be great if would have a reasonable price.

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