What I think about LeWeb3 2007…
December 13, 2007

Today LeWeb3 conference has finished, I have waited in those days to write about it, because I wanted to live it till the end before giving an opinion about it.

The final score is 9.5/10.

I have to say that I can think that I have spend my money wisely coming to this conference, and I don’t regret it… It was one of the most incredible conferences I have ever been. It was a conference with an incredible young and inspiring spirit in it, I have networked with a lot of people about my project and I had all important feedbacks from everyone, and every single one of this truly inspired me. About the sessions I have to say that was embraced all the spirit of the web… lots of times the web is viewed (in a wrong way) like a marketing money making machine… but the web is giving, design, simplicity, socializing, communication, sharing, projects, new frontiers, economy, entrepreneurship… CHALLENGE, and the speakers and sessions gave a deeper prospective of every single side of the web… giving great knowledge to the new people that enters in this world and also state-of-the-art news and tendencies to the old ones.

The environment and also the possibility given to people were really great… no doubt about it… Now you are going to have this question: “Why not 10 as final mark if everything was so perfect?” the answer is simple, If i give 10 what can I suggest… there are little thing to do to create the better experience possible, those are my advices:

  1. Internet Connection: There was free internet access for the people, but I have found a little confusing when I just arrived which connection to use to make my iPhone work. There were 3 or 4 (don’t remember well now) some closed and open, would be great if it would be only one (just to make it simpler). Increasing the bandwidth wouldn’t be bed, sometimes I had problem when there were too many people connected in the same moment.
  2. Venture Capitalist: The Venture Capitalist (VC) were hard to find. The next edition would be great a space for them, where every VC would have a little space to make private meeting with the people that come to the conference with great ideas but no money. Maybe create before the conference a web platform to get in touch with the VC and set a meeting, also the VC would have the possibility to choose the “users” to meet and they will save time in choosing an interesting project before and have a face-by-face meeting with the creator later at the conference.
  3. Contact Speakers: I had the need to contact a speaker for my project, and I had to go on the web (with some issues on the internet connections) search for the information of the guy on Google, find a mail address and hoping that he could read the mail with his Blackberry/iPhone. A solution would be giving a mail address to every speaker (for example if comes Tizio Caio, giving him the address [email protected])so thay can be contacted at any moment, or giving them a SmartPhone or making a forward to their personal mail. So the privacy of the speakers would be granted and would be easier to meet and contact them during the conference.
  4. Students Power: I’m a student, but fortunately I have a job that permits me to sustain me economically and to go to this conference, but I have to say that for a student the price is quite hight to sustain, and the session of the conference would be really important and inspirational for them. Would be great to have some kind of partnership program between the organization and students, the students helps with the realization of the conference (if it would concern the field of study would be great) and they have a discount to participate to the conference. I know students that wouldn’t be afraid of a some hard work to have the possibility to come (anyway a selection is needed).
  5. What I’m Looking for: During the networking was hard to understand what the people were doing for life, with a sticker on the chest saying “I’m a… and I’ would to meet…” maybe there would be more chances to find a fast match. (Like a speed-dating).
  6. Program Sheet: I would have divided the book in sections (Conference/Startup) not alternate the pages between the sections… That’s only my point of view.

Those are the things that by my advice could be empowered, but I have to say that the conference was a success on my point of view.

…as the T-800 said “I WILL BE BACK”… and I will be the next year at the next edition for sure… and I hope that you will be there too…

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