More you see, less you know… The Knowledge Power of Internet…
December 14, 2007

The title of this post comes from a line of the U2 song “City of the Blinding Lights”, and I always considered it as a motivation to know more, and is a line that comes on my mind every time I discover something new and great on Internet. During the conference I have discovered and learned a lot of new things and for sure I have seen prospective that before I have never thought about.

But I have to say that I haven’t discovered those things about Internet on Internet, during my searchers or looking at forums, but networking and meeting people. This makes me think about the power of the human factor and on how it can expand our visions. Sometimes we undervaluate this aspect because lots of times we concentrate all our efforts on a nice of our interests, not searching for something about us, that can be linked in some way to what we do.  For example I’m proposing a personal project and networking with people during and after the conference, the people I met gave me feedback and suggestions about this project encouraging me and more important giving me web-links of resources that I wouldn’t have never been able to find by my own, simply because I wasn’t considering that aspect or potential side of that project.

Lots f times we are too confident with the informations that we find on Internet, but the problem is that Internet is different from us, we have interests that we can share and we have the possibility to be passionate about something, and there are a lot of ways on Internet to communicate/share this passion with others, blogging, digging stories, writing on forums, but lots of times the people that could be interested on my passion can’t be reached for how much efforts we do. Networking and talking at the old fashion was is still a must despite of all the new possibility that Internet offers us nowadays. That’s why we unconsciously distribute the information in a vertical way, along the channel that we are in, without thinking about what there is on the sides of the channel.

As Final thought came in my mind those words “Stay Hungry… Stay Foolish…” and on your internet life think outside the channel you are in… there would be more information to know that you can never imagine… and always more and more…

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