Perez Hilton… A blogger with some confused ideas about Internet…
December 23, 2007

Personally I have discovered who is Perez Hilton some days ago because I was reading the “2007 Internet Celebrities” listed by Forbes, and I found him at the second position, and after a quick search, I saw that he has a Blog that speaks about Celebrities Gossip… personally not my type of news I’m interested in… then I have heard news about him on Friday in this post

Perez Hilton posted a video on YouTube (the last one looking at his words) where he express how much he is angry with YouTube itself. Apparently YouTube suspended his account cause of copyright infringements issues and he wasn’t able to post any new video and the users themselves weren’t able to see his videos… but in my opinion he was really upset because YouTube didn’t advert personally by phone or any other effective way that he was going to be suspended. He was in a certain way “victim” of the automated system that Google/YouTube uses to delete the copyrighted material from its platform… and probably the bot thought that the account was providing copyrighted in some way… and it made what it is made for… prevent the distribution of copyrighted material… and blocked the account after sending a mail…

Perez has to understand that YouTube has to deal with millions of videos and with millions of maybe copyrighted material, and a bot doesn’t care at all if you are a celebrity or a trucker, it deals at the same way with everyone, no matter who you are… and that the good thing of Internet, it gives the same opportunities to everyone, and everyone has to stand with the same rules…
As Perez says on the video, YouTube send him a mail about the possible suspension of the service for his account, the system send the mail to the mail address submitted by Perez himself, if the mailbox is always full of mail from everyone that writes to him, of if he uses the same account for several things… and he missed the mail… it’s his fault only… not YouTube, and he has to understand that… He can use some mail addresses, or set rules on his mail software… there are lots of ways to organize the workflow, there only to set it up…

In the video also Perez advice his followers/users to choose other video-sharing platforms and post videos there… I have to say that this is not a news… lots of people does, podcast are available in different formats and can be found in different services… and everything is completely free.

Then I have to say something positive about the website of Perez Hilton that can be taken in consideration by other bloggers:

  • Lots of Daily Posts: He updates his blog (and RSS) very often, and readers keep coming back to see updates.
  • Short Posts: His posts are very short, that means easy and fast to read. Long posts (like mines) can be dangerous for the quantity of different informations provided inside, and people lots of times hasn’t the time to read it completely.
  • Original: this blog for some way is different form other of the same type, and because is different is followed.

Something bad about his blog now (from the User Experience part):

  • Chronological Issues: Where are the dates of the posts? When the news has been posted?
  • Sidebars: There is really the need to organize them in a way to understand where the services finishes and the advertising starts.
  • Organization: This website has some organizational issues, and the design could be better with a little effort.

Perez feels betrayed by YouTube, but he is not… YouTube followed their policies… and Perez was subjected by them… and there was no person trying to limit him, was a bot… a software. How can a piece of code think to limit a person. My advice to Perez is to understand that Internet is evolving, and that it has to deal with issues (DRM, Copyright…) that are not able to live with the free spirit of Internet, and companies are trying to solve the situation, doing things that sometimes can limit people… on Internet there are lots of informations about that… just go and Google them… maybe some doubts can be covered and new possibilities can be found…

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