Kina Grannis… How Internet helps new talents… ” Digg her ;-) “
December 24, 2007

This Morning I was surfing on Internet (like every moment of my day) and I discovered someone very talented in the music environment, her name is Kina Grannis

I’m not a Music Producer, but I love listening music during the day, while I work and while I travel, I can say for sure that Music is a big part of my daily life… and form a consumer point of view I have to say that she is REALLY GREAT… but now there is the need to think on how Internet can help new talents emerge and show their talent.

Today to make great music there is only the need of talent, a thing that can’t be bought or rented… is something that people born with… and there are a lot of people in the world that has talents, not only in music, also in comedy, acting, dancing, creative and so on… The question there has always been so many people full of talents or they came out only in the recent years? The answer is really simple. Before there wasn’t Internet helping them to show their real value. In the past only talented people were able to emerge, thank to connections and the big luck to meet the right person in the right place. Now once you post something good, millions of people are able to know what you did, and they are going to share it with other million of people, creating a global coverage in seconds, reaching people that you wouldn’t never been able to reach… and judgment of the crowds will declare how much you and your product is great or not. More the people share “you” with others more the “judgment” is positive, means that you reached their heart in some way, in a way that they had to share it with others.

The judgment of the crowds is the real innovation of the web, before there were single people that could decide your destiny, their power now is limited, and more Internet will evolve more there will be the limitation in their power. Today Kina Grannis is the live example on how Internet helps people, and how they can be judged for what they really are, by the people themselves, without any type of prejudice…

New talents can access to technologies and softwares that in the past only big production companies had, and they can make now great products without any big economic effort… a single individual can compete with the big guys without any problem. Only the talent is what it’s needed… Examples also like Sell-A-Band can explain how internet is giving a chance to people, and how people are the ones to decide who is the best. Personally I’m a believer on Sell-A-Band and I’m proud of that.

The world is full of geniuses and people with real talent ready to be discovered, with a little effort Internet will help them to be discovered… Kina Grannis is in a competition, vote for her if you think that she is the best on the competition… be part of the Judgment of the crowds…

Personal Message – “Kina Grannis you are very talented… I’m sure I will hear your name again in the future…”

Update: Just found out that she is not a “Totally New Talent” in the music environment. She is on iTunes. Anyway the mean of this post doesn’t change.

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  • Federica says:

    great post! I agree with you! many people has talents, the difficult thing is try to make them emerge, id est talented people, who hasnt got “the uncle Tom”, have to find the right way to show them! internet can help them and can go straight in this way!

  • Federica says:

    ps: the comparison could be internet equal the renaissence italian princes. i think it s quite impossible that only Italy in that period had the greatest artists, it s more possible that italian governors had the cultural sensibility to appreciate them (they were necessary because they had the power of money). so nowdays it is important to find a way…another way…internet coul be..

  • Ryan says:

    Just in response to your update, it is quite easy for anyone to get their music on iTunes. She was still relatively unheard of before her viral video hit the web. I’d say that your original assessment of “totally new talent” was a lot closer to the truth than you may think.

    Aside from that, I totally agree with your points. The power and span of the internet amazes me, and this is a great example of how powerful it can be if harnessed properly. This is what major labels and organizations such as the RIAA should be doing, rather than treating the internet as some sort of enemy that is trying to steal all of their profits.

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