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December 31, 2007

I was reading again a post of a Blog that I started to read last month, this post talks about Darren Rowse and the idea that only if you have talent you can make money blogging on Internet.

In a certain way it’s true, but there is the need to make some considerations… about what is going on and I see on Internet:

  1. No Recipes: Everyone wants to make some money… but there is the need to understand that there are NO recipes for success, if there would be, everyone will be successfully, success would become normality, in this way destroying the meaning of success itself (that is emerging between others). There could be only suggestions, made by the experience of people.
  2. No Business Model: Internet enlarged the range of the people that can create content… everyone can create content, it’s web2.0, and it’s easy. Before only few people could access to visibility, and use that to give news and information to others, and people where obliged to access to those informations thought those people and portals… and the business model was based on this elite aspect of giving information and news. Today the places where find information multiplied exponentially, but not the money to share… so the money that everyone can gain are less that 10 years before. There ISN’T a real business model for internet 2.0, everything is still bounded to an old business mentality… anyway for sure there wouldn’t be as much money available as before… keep that in mind.
  3. News-Papers are dead: Everyone knows that blogging is replacing newspapers. There is the need to understand that a blog is different form a traditional newspaper. Everyone can become a blogger, harder is the way to become journalist… and there is no need anymore to be a Journalist.
  4. Try… who knows?: Lots of times I read about talent, and I have to say that it is the only think that is important on Internet… But lots of times I see that people are torn down by those posts, thinking that they have no talent at all, so they don’t try. I have to suggest one thing… TRY… WHO KNOWS. Everyone has talents, hidden inside, and Internet gives the possibility to give them to the world. Try to share and discover them, it’s easy today… and don’t care on what people says to you… you can be considered more that you think.
  5. Do it for Pleasure: Blog because you like it, because you want to share things with people, not blog mainly for money. This blog for example is not heavy visited, but makes me expose my ideas, and the people that reads it consider my ideas, and I love it. I have no ads on this page (the one you see on the sidebar is a personal project, that also has completely no gain purposes) and the only money I gain are from my consultant job.

Now I have to say something also to the big bloggers, that are experiencing directly the success of blogging and of the Web 2.0, and I want to cite to the a quote form one of my favorite movies: “Reporting the news is a privilege and a responsibility, and it is not exploitable“. That is just to remember them that lots of users trust them, and what they say… so they have to try to do the best job possible, and never manipulate the news (as sometimes newspapers does). Blog with the heart, not with the wallet… Web 2.0 is all about giving… 😉

P.S. – Happy new Year… and how Loren Feldman said on Twitter hours ago “This is the year that your dreams can come true. Just believe it, and never give up. Keep fighting, keep loving, keep questioning everything”.

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