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Italian Politicians and Internet
January 27, 2008
In those days the Italian government was destroyed again… Look at this video. He is one of our most famous politicians… now wonder why we have a government that stays up for not so much time… Soon I will blog back seriously…
Working with Elvis in Switzerland…
January 21, 2008
Music by Elvis… too work make people go mad…
Oprah vs Livia? The next generation of TV Shows…
January 15, 2008
The writer’s strike is still going, and television begins to be boring… no more interesting fictions or good entertainment on TV, just the recap of the old stuff, good stuff… but old and just seen… and people are slowly finding interesting news and entertaining opportunities for free on the web. For this I have really […]
When Inter-Media Communication Fails… France and Facebook…
January 10, 2008
Yesterday I have read this post, and sincerely I was hoping that was a joke. I was reading that this French guy Arash Derambarsh thought that he was really going to become the Facebook president. He took it really seriously, and apparently he made also plans and proposals for the electors, like every aspiring politician […]
The Apprentice… a Communication Lessons form Omarosa…
January 4, 2008
I know that looks like a post completely out from the theme of this blog (Communication and Internet), but I’m going to talk an something that inspired me and that made me reflecting a lot… something about leadership and mass-communication… I can’t hide that I watch the Apprentice, I really like the show, is entertaining, […]
Writer’s Strike… are writers realizing what is Internet?
January 3, 2008
I have to say that I’m not in the entertainment business and I don’t know a lot of procedures about the production of movies and Tv Shows, I barely watch Television, but I love Movies and some Tv Shows and I have to say that I can watch them thankfully to Internet, and I don’t […]