Writer’s Strike… are writers realizing what is Internet?
January 3, 2008

I have to say that I’m not in the entertainment business and I don’t know a lot of procedures about the production of movies and Tv Shows, I barely watch Television, but I love Movies and some Tv Shows and I have to say that I can watch them thankfully to Internet, and I don’t consider it a sin…

Anyway topic I have spoken about that in the past in this post. What I think after a gathering some information about this strike is that Writers hasn’t understood ANYTHING about internet, on how it’s developing and on how their strike is useless. One of the main points of the strike is about the new media distribution, if I have understood well they don’t get paid by the production companies the royalties for the distribution over Internet of the contents that they create, and they ask to get the 2.5% of the gross. I find it really difficult that they could achieve that because in this moment the media business is fighting (and losing great) with Internet itself, and losing money.

They have to think that the business model that they are using is old and soon it will be dead. Internet gave the possibility to everyone to express themself and also to share any kind of content with other people, contents like movies, music, images and texts… everything can be found for free and in a fast way over Internet, no matter if those are under certain type of copyright or not. So people right now still don’t prefer to buy online the product, because they can find them for free over internet… and the consumption of the product by the users is way much higher than the money they pay for (that lots of times is “0”, no matter the currency)… so they have to understand that the money that they are asking are not really the big money that they probably think are (I can be wrong, but I think that the old-way distribution still has the bigger importance in the game).

Also business experiences like is a good way to try to deal with the online distribution, trying to make a bridge between the old business model and Internet, putting inside the episode some commercials. That’s a way that can work, but there is the need to know if they are able to cover the expenses and gaining from that… they give shows for basically for free, because “free” for the Internet User is “Not Spending any Money, regardless on what I do and on how much I use the product”… and having limited commercials can work, I say limited because if every kind of user (on-line and off-line) doesn’t like to have their experience interrupted too much by something completely different… or they can find easily and another way to reach the content.

An another thing that I would be scared if I would be a writer are the power of the crowds, there are plenty of talented writers that use internet to share and write things that could replace “professional writer” without any problems, and Internet gives the possibility to people to emerge, and to be found… there is the need to show the talent. Can be possible that production firms would be able to hire new writers found on Internet… and because thy are at the first job (or unknown) they would accept and create an excellent product. Also with podcast people are making tv shows witout the need of writers… and that is only the start…
Writers maybe they consider that the world is not changing, but they have to realize that lots of economic changes are happening,  and Internet is the main character of this change, there are categories that has been more penalized by the online distribution… like small music shops, CD manufacturers and also big retailing chains…

Big changes are happening, and in the future there will be less money for everyone, the copyright will gradually be changed and every product that can be converted in digital information will be available on Internet. So not only writers, but also musician, actors, and production companies, will have to deal with the change that internet is making in the world. My advice is to start thinking not to gain as much as before… or you would be surprised when it will happen… the old business model is dying… and there will be not a wind of changes… but an Hurricane…

P.S. – There will be more to talk about and lots of point missing. I will cover every part. 🙂

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