When Inter-Media Communication Fails… France and Facebook…
January 10, 2008

Yesterday I have read this post, and sincerely I was hoping that was a joke. I was reading that this French guy Arash Derambarsh thought that he was really going to become the Facebook president. He took it really seriously, and apparently he made also plans and proposals for the electors, like every aspiring politician does. I have to say that he took it very seriously and that he showed to the people good planning attitudes… but made a big mistake, he didn’t read well the rules and that it was a “fictional election”…

He has to understand that Facebook, has no political or ethical people, the only purpose is to make people connect between each other. He made some point on religion freedom and other points, but he has to understand that Facebook is an environment totally political free… and If he would have become the Real President Facebook was going to fail for sure… because would have become a political platform, and people with different opinions would have unsubscribed for sure, changing platform for sure… Real Social Networks has not to have nothing to do with real world issues, then there are other social network based on political and religious point of views…

The real deal is not that he misunderstood BIG TIME what he was doing… but how other media talked about what was happening… Televisions and newspapers interviewed him and he was saying that “he has a project with UNESCO and some backup from Facebook; he even declares that he has the power to reach, via a secret Facebook feature, close to a hundred million users, more than the French President himself“… probably he has nothing like that, but probably he entered in the political role, where you have to shoot words without any reason, and show fake ideas, just to keep your name famous… (personally I don’t understand and believe politicians) but the point is that other media believed those things and I think that also the people believed it… I call it Mass-Believe Effect and starts when people (populations) give trust to mess media to learn the truth of the world… but this give to the media the possibility to manipulate the information and the truth and this can lead to what Noam Chomsky names Manufacturing Consent… and I believe that lots of people believe in France that he is the real Facebook President.

This reminds to me what happened when Orson Welles said to the radio that there was a Martian Invasion, people believed it and lots of them killed themselves, and the news brought panic and some disorders… what happened in France is shocking for the incompetence of the media to take informations about what really happened and to understand the truth of the facts, they simply thought that everything was real, and they covered the news… Giving news is a responsibility… there is the need to understand that… particularly when we give the news on a medium like television that is not interactive like internet, where people can’t get more informations on what the want… they have to take for true what has been given to them…

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