Oprah vs Livia? The next generation of TV Shows…
January 15, 2008

The writer’s strike is still going, and television begins to be boring… no more interesting fictions or good entertainment on TV, just the recap of the old stuff, good stuff… but old and just seen… and people are slowly finding interesting news and entertaining opportunities for free on the web. For this I have really to thank the strikers, they are providing great importance to the internet… but slowly they are changing the market and killing their jobs… (they soon will no longer write for TV but for Internet Shows).

Last week-end I was still in Boston for work, and I received a message from Livia on Twitter, saying that she was live on the web and she was broadcasting from Rome, so I decided to go on her blog and participate at her show. I have to say that I have previously participated to the web-broadcasting of Loren Feldman at, but I was passive and I didn’t participated at the discussion… Also in my American days I had the possibility to look for a couple of minutes to the show of Oprah Winfrey that right now is the most followed show in America, and looking at those two different type of shows I had the possibility to make some thought about the evolution of Tv-Shows themselves. Internet is changing not only the way how information are provided to people, but also how people have to approach to their audience, and how the rules of the next Tv Shows are changing… and not so slowly.

  1. Same Shows: Also if Internet is dynamic and can reach more people in a faster and different way, the typology of shows are still the same, there are the offline shows, that are recorded previously and then available for download (like Webb Alert or Geek Brief TV) that right now are the most, or live shows like the ones cited previously of Livia and Loren.
  2. Information Source: Online the resources that the “streamer” or podcaster takes as informations for its show can be posted on the same page of the show, and people can go and look at them creating their own opinion and point of view, and take more informations about the themes. On television the sources are mostly secret (or produced at the moment by the producers) or available offline, that doesn’t give the possibility to the people to really look at those sources.
  3. Interaction: On the first “Livia Show” there were only 7/8 people looking at her stream, but all of them were interacting with her talking to her, and the show were going where the users wanted. In television this interaction is completely absent partly because the followers are millions and would be hard to manage them all, but mostly in my opinion because they don’t want that type of control, the show has to lead the followers, not the followers the show (bad old mass manipulation ).
  4. Fearless: A person to go for an internet and interactive show has to be more brave of the traditional TV guy… People interact with you, asks questions, and sometimes they can know more than you about something, and they can correct you, providing sources and informations that you didn’t know, for an Internet Streaming you have to be prepared to everything, and study deep the subject you are treating at the moment. sometimes can be see as an interrogatory, where people asks you questions and you have to be ready to answer to them. On a TV show you don’t have those problems because you set the questions and answers before, and there is no fear to be questioned…
  5. Real Followers: There is the need to understand that the follower on Internet are not passive, because they interact with you, and they come and watch you because they are interested in your opinion. Regarding television audience, that is not every time truth, because the television can be on but with no one watching it, maybe is on only to provide some noise in the house.
  6. Less Followers: Oprah as million of followers (ok… I know the average age of them), but not so much people has the possibility, money and technology to produce a show like that and compete. On internet everyone can have great technology and produce with no money a show, and compete with others, virtually everyone can access to the same audience, the only think is the talent to entertain and the talent to create something new (and good). This means that on Internet Tv Shows there will be less followers because there will be more shows, but the customer base will remain the same. The competition will increase. (Less followers means also better show quality because you have to serve your niche of followers, and provide to their needs).

There would be more to talk about but I think I have reached the main point. The old TV business is dying and the new one is getting stronger. Livia is projected to the future of the entertainment, Oprah to the Past, and the new generation and the time will declare the winner between those two types of worlds and Shows… In my opinion Internet is going to win.

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