Yahoo + Microsoft… together without Usability…
February 5, 2008
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In the last days the web was shocked by the news that Microsoft made an offer to buy Yahoo!. That’s not a news…  there were theories in the past about this possible move, and frankly that move was evident and easy to predict.

But the point of everything is thinking if both companies would have a benefit from a merging. For some aspects yes. Yahoo just a couple of weeks ago was ready to fire almost 1000 employees (not because Yahoo! is so great that has no need to develop any more, but because is not able to monetize) and Microsoft thought that, that move was so desperate that was a signal fire for an acquisition. For Yahoo! is for sure the possibility to save itself form bankruptcy, that for a lot of web company is near… For Microsoft acquiring Yahoo! would be a good move to expand their search engine technology, because Msn and Live were really bad and not used a lot, but merging the technologies so deeply can be good only if there is a good vision. Like Apple and Google does, two different companies, making product together, that’s the way. I don’t want that Yahoo! disappears and becoming part of Windows OS, or available only on Win OS. But knowing who is the CEO of Microsoft that would be a real possibility.

Those companies need each other to compete in the world of today, but they need to understand not to go against Google with all the power they can have, It’s too big and known by people, people love Google not only by the results, but also from the usability that is has, and that is great, no question about it. Yahoo! is far away form the usability of Google and Microsoft is FAR AWAY from the usability of Apple.

Before expanding in other markets or create something new there is the need to understand what people want… hey want simple things that works… they don’t want complicated things… Also this attempt is going to fail if they don’t understand where they lack in front of the users…

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