The Quick Communication Revolution… Twitter.
February 15, 2008
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I’m a Twitter User (you can follow me, my username is epiccolotto) and I think that the creators are not conscious of what they created, they created something bigger than they were expecting… and reading their blog I think so…

I have to say that it’s not a lot of time that I use twitter, and I have to say that I’m sorry that I was so late, because now I can’t live without it, because I wanna share and I wanna see what others has to share with me. But before we have to analyze Twitter it self, is an hybrid of lots of communication methods that we know and use everyday:

  • Blog Hybrid – For the user that use to blog or video blog, everyone knows how long can be the steps and the work on doing a good blogging work. Personally I have to say that everytime I write a blog I try to put the best of me and of my analysis, I cure how everything is formatted and I provide the links of he resources I use… and I blog a couple of times a week just to ensure the quality of the posts and I wanna keep them in that way. But lots of times happens that I found things that I wanna share with others, but I have no time to write a post for it… and here comes Twitter. I can write on it what I have found and I share it with my followers, I do in seconds what I could have done in minutes blogging… It’s a micro-blogging platform… and U have to stay short… you write short and people can read it fast and consider the message or not in seconds… those are all information shared in a really fast way, and time is precious.
  • SMS Hybrid – SMS and Twitter has in common the limited number of characters that you can put on it, and as an SMS you can send it to lots of people or to some selected people in a public or private way. In this way twitter makes the day because permits to select your sharing and you are able to stay in touch with people, and knowing what they are doing or what they have to share. Also short messages are not so person involving, are easy to write and there is no feeling of “I have to share something good”…
  • Facebook Hybrid – As Evan Williams and Loic LeMeur said at LeWeb3 in December, the function of twitter has been available for a way longer time on Facebook (what are you doing? near the name) lot of people were using it, but not as much as Twitter. Because they are two different things, Facebook is a Social Network and Twitter is not, I can define it as a “Personal Social Message System”, the main focus on facebook is sharing informations, pictures, and interact with friends, and people goes on facebook a couple of times a day (depends) because when they go they do various and different things for different meanings. On Twitter people goes way more times a day and they do (and can do) only one thing… share moods and links to everyone via a short text, and everyone reads them… Twitter is different for a social network, but also that is social, because you connect and follow others and communicate between each other.

What people use Twitter for: Link sharing and as Personal Diary, exactly what blogging started to do… I can stay connected with people and know what they are doing or what they wanna share. That’s great… That’s what web2.0 is all about sharing what the user want to share with others.

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  • In one sentence: there is more to Twitter than meets the eye 😉

    This post is a good start; however, it triggers great expectations, i.e.: that the social system changes one would expect from a communication revolution can be as quick as Twitter ..

    I’m a bit doubtful about that 🙁

    Cheers, Luigi

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  • Sheardyh says:

    nice work, brother

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