Education… what is that?
February 27, 2008
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Education is a word that we all use daily, and everyone knows that is important… but for others and not for themselves…
If we look at the word education on WordNet, comes out those results:

  • The activities of educating or instructing; activities that impart knowledge or skill
  • Knowledge acquired by learning and instruction
  • The gradual process of acquiring knowledge
  • The profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or university)
  • The result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

Education (in my opinion) is a way to transmit knowledge and experiences from a person to an another, and people learns not only from books or images, but also from facts and from the people that the user looks at. With the develop of the Information technology and with the possibility to share information in a easier and faster way, education itself is changing… in a better way.

I’m a student at the moment and I’m keeping learning not only from my professors, but also from the people that I have around me, professors gives to us with lessons their experience and knowledge and shares their point of view with us, in a way where not only the students learns but also the professor question himself and learn from us… and if we look at internet is staring to happen the same thing… we learn from others and others learns from us… is an exchange… there are people that know ore than us and people that know less about something. The real education happens when people can share experience in an easy and more accessible way, and better if those information can be found easily (search engines). Like was happening in villages centuries ago the elders were sharing knowledge and experience with the young one, and they were using that to discover new things and share with others…

That is what you can learn form others… but knowledge is not everything and there are things that can’t be thought… like respect, leadership, good will, honesty… we learn those from the people around us… That’s the problem sometimes with Internet, there are lots of information, but there is no system to educate a person in life… there are some attempts… but no one are really working.

Share your ideas, opinion in a way that others could be inspired by them… and challenge everything… and keep studying and improving your knowledge… and work to make experience that without it knowledge is useless… and imagine… imagination is the best way to evolve… without it there would be nothing new. “Education + Imagination + Experience = Evolution

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