TwitterCamp and Sharing Ideas…
March 12, 2008
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I’m going to be present and make a presentation at the TwitterCamp 2008 that will take place in Venice (Italy) the 19 of April. This post is not an advertising for this event, but a way to share a way of thinking with you all.

Twitter is not the best invention of the world… and it wasn’t so complicated to create the service, is a mix between a chat and a Blog, creating a Micro-Blogging environment. Simply it set up the rules of a quick and efficient communciation, placing limits in sharing ideas and opinions. Lots of time we share with people links, but creating a Post for everything that we wanna share would be just madness, would take half the day to open the browser and make everything happen. With twitter you can share information and links with people… then there are the evolutions, like Seesmic… that in my opinion wouldn’t have the same success… but this will be explained better in an another Post.

Then there is the BarCamp a conference created by users themselves… You subscribe and you present what you wanna talk about… and there are people that are willing to listen to you… they don’t pay to be there and they are interested to listen to you, because they don’t lose money in not listening to you, they can choose to do something else if they want to.

Put the two things together… comes out a cutting edge conference, about the latest news and happenings of the web, of people that know what they are doing. At that conference I’m planing to make two presentations, one about Twitter and their evolutions (Seesmic for example) and an another one about a theory that I have developed in the last month about a way to cut drastically the costs of the Web2 services (document can be found here creating an healthy way to gain with the web. I will present there the idea, because sometimes ideas has to be shared with people that are interested in new standards and evolution, and not to people that has the habit to invest million of dollars.

See U April 19 in venice Italy… I will be there…

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