Seesmic, Loic and Languages…
March 13, 2008
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I have just read this post on Techcrunch, and is a post writtern by Loic LeMeur. I had the possibility to meet him for a couple of moments at the last LeWeb3, and I think that is a great guy and I have a great respect for him… but I have a couple of things to say about the  suggestions that he posted.

In the post he made suggestions in which country is better to invest and so on… but he made also some good points on the language aspect, that I care about cause of my bachelor degree in Foreign Languages and because I live in Switzerland that (for the peolple that doesn’t know) has 4 National languages, that are German, French, Italian and Roumanch, and people between them talk in English…

Loic makes some good points, but there is the need to say that users are the ones that declare the success of a web site and sometimes those users has in common the same nation and language… because some websites are stronger in a country than in others, simply because people follow people, they see what people use and they use it too… to make an example we can use something close to Loic… Seesmic.
If I go on Alexa (I personally think that sometimes is not reliable) and we look at the “Countries where people come from” we can see that in the fist position there is USA with 27.4%, at the second position there is France with 20.4% and then UK with 8.6%… of course Seesmic would have more reliable data, but I think I have make the point. Seesmic is really poplar in France maybe because Loic is French (and he is strong there), maybe not… I don’t know that for sure, I can only guessing…

But from I can see and consider that big part of French people can be in some way a danger for the internationality of Seesmic, because French people video-post in French, and French is not a global language like English, and considering the structure of  Seesmic (different from twitter) where all the posts are Public, non French people can see a barrier because they can’t understand what those people are saying, and can’t interact at all with them… creating languages borders. I like Seesmic and it works great but personally I think that different languages can’t be mixed together in a public way, because they ue those services to communciate between them… but if they can’ communciate or share ideas cause of language barriers… the communication is compromised…

I think that Seesmic will have an hard time to make French and English live together, and I have fear that Seesmic from Global would become French… and quite soon… because of different cultures… the only way to make a thing Global is to make it in English… that is the language that everyone share. Anyway I have this opinion from the data that I can gather from Alexa and from Seesmic itslef… maybe they have the data that can validate or not this thought.

Loic if you wanna share some opinion about that, you have my mail and my twitter… or simply comment this post.

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  • Loic says:

    I fully agree with you and this is why we have the language selector at the top. We will definitely implement that by default you see posts in your own language + english. If your own is english, then you only see english (but can always add another one). I think that should solve the problem. Let’s see. Thanks for your thoughts. More?

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