SeesMic… what I think about it…
March 25, 2008
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At the moment I’m preparing the slides for a session that I will make at the TwitterCamp, in April, and I will talk about the possible evolution that twitter had… and one of them is Seesmic…

Seesmic in my oinion is a good porduct, but lots of people think that it is the evolution of Twitter… personally I have to say that this is something wrong… people can say that Titter uses text and that Seesmic uses media to do more or less the same thing… but in the communciation and social process they do 2 different things… similar to the idea of Blog and VideoBlog.

There is the need to say that people in the natural world communicate in different ways, that are by voice and by signs, but in the media world they use text, audio and video. Those three things are used in different way and the web give to people the possibility to share informations by using those media. The main differences that people can meet are social and practical.

  1. Social – Simply because some people are more show people and other are not. Everyone has the possibility to write something, despite of his voice, and his aspect… no-one cares… people just look at what you write and they base their idea of you from what you decide to share with them. If you share Text they will know something, with voice more and with video more again… If you share multimedia probably you love to be in the front of the screen and probably you would be good in front of the camera. People like me instead are not good in front of the camera, but nothing can stop me from writing… I’m not a television person… I wanna arrive to people with my ideas.
  2. Media – As I have said before, Twitter didn’t invented nothing, just remembered people to be short and fast in the way they share ideas with others. Posting text is fast with twitter, posting videos… a little slower… Usually the evolution of the media services happens in this way Text – Images – Video, what is happening with Seesmic is Text – Video -?????, For me is like jumping a big step.
  3. Fruition – With Twitter I can follow people and read what they post, they share a little piece of them, and your followers can read them in an easy and fast way… they can see what people share with them and choose what to filter… with videos like Seesmic you have to watch all the video to see if it is interesting. Then with Seesmic is hard to share links…

Seesmic present the same caracteristic of Micro-Video-Blogging, but with the difference that at the user takes more time to select, and acquire in his head all the informations… Twitter gave an evolution on how people can easily share informations… Seesmic wants to have people share those with the video… but you need Show People, and Users that has the time to play the posts of the people they choose to follow… reading a tweet people spends more or less 10 seconds, a video on Seesmic 1 minute (if it’s short).

At the end like every product people choose how the product is used… people use Twitter in different ways… more than probably the creators thought it could be possible. With Seesmic is the same… users with the passing of the time will choose what to use Seesmic for… is only question of time. But from my point of view I will keep using Twitter… maybe one bay Seesmic…

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  • Francesco says:

    I agree with you, Seesmic is indeed not the “heir” of Twitter. I believe that Seesmic is good to initiate conversation and engage people to participate, sharing their thoughts. Seesmic is pretty good in connecting you and share ideas with people you don’t know and otherwise never would never meet.

    Besides Twitter is more useful to share little bits of everyday life with people you already know (online and/or offline).

    Those are two different tools serving different needs, for me Twitter is still the best solution but if I’d want to ask something to a broader audience I’d use Seesmic.

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