FastCompany and Big Web Mistakes
March 26, 2008
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Yesterday I was looking at the website of Fast Company to see if they finally stepped up… but unfortunately they didn’t, and I think that they are getting worse than before.

I have to admit that I loved their magazine, was young fresh and smart, and while I was living in Boston I read all their issues, then I had to move back in Europe, and I had to stop reading their magazine, because they don’t reach Europe with the printed copy. I read a lot especially on Internet and even if I’m in Europe I can keep reading one of my favorite magazine that is Scientific American that has their digital version can be downloaded everywhere you are… that’s really Internet savvy… reach people in a digital way regardless of distances… that’s Internet… and my idea is how a Magazine like Fast Company that as main focus has Internet is not served in a digital way to be distributed globally… that in my opinion is a clear demonstration that they didn’t understood the real meaning of Internet… the focus of their magazine and makes me doubt on the reliability of the people they hired.

After this first point yesterday I have discovered a bad thing… that in my opinion is an HUGE mistake… put some money to create a parallel site called, they have the purpose to put media on internet and follow the video stream that is so fashion on Internet in those days… they hired Rober Scoble and other people to work on it (people that are not cheap)… and the product in my opinion is really far from good at the moment… but the big problem is that has no link of their television channel… They have the same name… you spend lot of money on that and you miss the opportunity to drive he traffic from a web site to an another… There is no link or any evident mention at all… THAT IS AN HUGE MISTAKE…  I hope that they are going to fix it soon…

Looking at those facts I have to say that I have serious doubts on the professionalism of the people working on Fast Company… they are far away from the maening of Internet… they review others and they don’t look inside themselves… My advice is that they should hire people that really know what Internet is… and not people that are good on doing he same job, but not on Internet… Hope that Fast Company will grow and mature or is going to fail quickly…

I suggest to look at some videos that is making as jokes of Shel Israel… they are great…

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  • Golden Lady says:

    I always read your posts and even if sometimes I think you could be more soft in giving your suggestions (since you’re very young maybe you don’t have all right solutions in yr pocket!!! :-))…however I love you and I’d like to meet you…

  • Francesco says:

    @Golden Lady: Most of the disruptive geniuses history has known were very young….It’s not the age of a person that gives the feeling of its value, but their ideas and honesty.

  • Joe says:

    So, their big mistake is not putting a link up? You’re an idiot.

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