Web & Politics… Promote and Forget…
March 31, 2008
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In the last couple of months I have noticed that more and more Internet is used by politicians to promote their parties and their positions as candidates for President, I have to say that I can see it not only in the USA side, where Internet has been used actively by Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to get votes for their presidential run, but as an Italian I can see it also in Italy (for the people that doesn’t know the previous Italian government resigned and now there are new elections).

In Italy in my opinion there is a strange situation, there are a lot of candidates that wanna become the next president and each of them comes from a different party, and they seem to have understood that Internet is a bridge to use to reach an audience that is losing interest on politics… the young one. So they started to use the meanings that Internt gives to everyone to share opions and to be reached ina way to make them seem closer to the people, that’s a good start, but from what I can imagine is an end, because they are not going to keep using it after gaining the elections. But I have to say that this isn’t a political blog, and I don’t want to talk about politics or try to explain any opinion on it, so I’m getting to the point.

Lots of politicians world wide are using Internet to promote themselves, because virtually they can reach everyone and have a straight feedback from everyone, and interact with them, so they use platforms like bloging or web pages to reach who they want. But from my point of view their knowledge of the possibilities of Internet stops there.

Politicians have to understand that Internet is able to improve the communication, and virtually delete the bureaucracy. Lots of forms can be filled online,, taxes can be payed online, health care could be set online, voting could be done online… that would create the possibility to cut costs (like employment and paper) and also speed-up everything. And also ow internet is important for the growth of a country, because more we can communicate faster and share information, more we can grow together

Also Internet could be dangerous for them because opinion and information can be shared between people and they have to understand that not only good information can be shared, and that they are not the only source of information about themselves. Users can find something bad about them and share with the world it… ruining lots of efforts… politicians when they use internet has to be careful because everything can be shared… and they can’t be hidden.

Also after the elections they have to take care of what they said during the election period, because Internet stores and remember everything and promises can be found and people can see what has been done or not and if the promises have been maintained or not. So what is the point about Internet and Politics… simple they see only one side… just to recap:

  • They use it as a promotion for their campaign
  • They sometimes don’t consider Internet as a technology that could help to cut costs on the nation management
  • They sometimes don’t consider Internet as a way that a nation need to improve and grow in a better and faster way.
  • They don’t fear Internet because they don’t know it. They don’t know that Internet never forget.

They have only a single side approach with Internet, then they forget about it, mostly because they don’ use tit (the mid Italian politician is 65 years old more or less) and they don’t know what it is… Internet is vital for the communication and Italy has to wake up and start challenge itself and start using Internet in the right way.

Below there are two promotional videos of two different Italian parties that they were made exclusively for Internet, just to remember that they see internet only as a promotion tool.

This made for “Walter Veltroni” as president:

This made for “Silvio Berlusconi” as president:

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There is 1 comment

  • I would think it’s about time we start taking an alternative view of Web & Politics.

    It’s not a matter we can afford leaving to the politicians ..
    As you say .. all they can do is Promote and Forget.

    The Web already shows our way; a search for Democracy and Conversation is very revealing as to who is expected to start doing what: not the politicians .. for sure.

    However, we should not sit back and wait for the Web to show us the way .. we should grab all opportunities, such as a BarCamp social event, to get conversations rolling in real life mode ..
    Then, we should commit to bringing those conversation online as well and keep them going. Shouldn’t we?

    When the going gets tough .. (can you remember that? or R U too young?)

    IMOGO (in my old guy opinion)

    Look forward to seeing you on TwitterCamp day!

    Luigi 🙂

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