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April 8, 2008
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In those day I have been entertained by the happenings between Robert Scobe, Shel Israel and Loren Feldman, for the people that doesn’t know there is a great and short review on Techcrunch.

If I have to take a side for sure I’m going with Feldman at 100%, because he has a point, and a good one. I have heard for the first time about Scoble at LeWeb3 last December, and I have to say that he didn’t impressed me a lot, then I have seen around me and around the people I follow his name, so I started to follow him to see if maybe I had a wrong impression about him. The impression didn’t changed… He is a good guy, no doubt about it, but looking at some mistakes or things that he said I have to say that he doesn’t understand what is a personal brand on Internet. There is the need to understand that “we are on Internet what we share with others and what we do“. Scoble is everywhere on Internet, he has a lot of connections and lot of people follows him, he is very popular, no doubt about it, he has created a brand around his name, and a followed one… but lately I have to say that he make some mistakes that can change the light on his brand. For example in January he was blocked on Facebook because he was trying to make something not really clear  with his Plaxo account, then before that at LeWeb3 he said that he was leaving Podtech for an another company without having signed any contract, then he made a post about something so great that he was going to cry and so great that it would change the world (in my opinion not so world shanging). At the end you can see the show that he is doing on Fast Company, there is a lot to talk about. There is the need to understand that people look at what you do, and that a popular person moves masses, and that more important you become for people more you have to understand that is easy to lose everything you gained, and that credibility is hard to re-gain. In my opinion I have to say that I see a lot of errors form a person that define himself as a Pro. I’m no-one, I’m trying to make my own way to create my own “brand”, maybe I don’t understand some Internet People dynamics, but I have to say that at my eyes Scoble lost credibility, looking at the things that he did. Anyway I wanna say to him Good luck for everything he is doing and he will do.

Then there is the need to talk about Shel Irael, a person that I have never heard about and that I don’t follow, but I have seen his video on Fast Company (I’m not on the video industry), but I have to say that with the same possibilities he has, probably I would have been able to make a better video.

Then comes Loren Feldman, a person that I follow and that I respect, I love his style, direct and fun. He reaches the point in few words and he goes against anything and anyone, and he has no fear of others. He created a “show” making fun of the two people that I have talked before using puppets, and I have to say that he is fun. Sometimes I disagree with him about some things that he says, but is his opinion and I respect it, but I feel free to answer.

As can be seen there are three people that has a Brand on Internet, and the Brand are their name. Everyone on Internet has to understand that everyone is what he shares, and that everyone pays their own mistakes, on internet those are public and shared with everyone. Creating a brand on Internet is hard is you are not good, and gaining visibility takes time. More visibility brings more importance and responsibilities, and with all the competition that there is on Internet there is the need to be careful, because being popular is important, but doesn’t mean that being popular makes you immune to everything and to everyone. Internet is the land of the free, no matter how popular you are and who you are.

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  • Internet is also “the home of the brave” beacause who truly understands the value of the web, knows that also critics have to be taken into serious consideration.

    I always tell my customers who want to moderate their corporate blogs, that a negative feedback can be more useful than a positive one.

    In this case Shel’s reaction was a serious communication mistake. Even if his videos were good, and they aren’t, this is not the reaction you should have.

  • Dan Schawbel says:

    We needed this to happen to prove a point!

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