Viral Video… Tv Strikes back…
April 10, 2008
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This morning I woke up and a friend of mine sent me an email with the link to 2 YouTube videos (embedded below). Looking at them I have to say that again television produced something that had a better and bigger distribution on Internet.

  • No Borders – The television show that produced the video aires only in America and probably the video can’t be seen on the website of the company outside the US borders for distribution and copyright issues. YouTube was able to provide those video to everyone in the world regardless than the copyright.
  • No Time – In television you can only see the video once… when it is aired, then it’s lost, on Internet you can see it every time you want, without any limit.

As can be seen the video had a bigger distribution than in Television, simply because it’s free of the restrictions that time and location can have. I have written lots of times about how television itself should change their point of view and should mix together television and Internet, that’s the only way that television would have the possibility to survive, imagine a television that share informations with internet in real time, and that provides related content and more about what you are watching.

On Internet nowadays there is so much information and pollution of it, but when something is original and well done, simply explodes on Internet making the community talking about it… and it’s important to remember that the wisdom of the crowds, or better the taste of the crowds, makes a show live or die. At the moment I can tell about the last post I have written, shows on internet are going great, others are dying… people loves quality… overall quality of content… Jimmy Kimmel and friends had all the money and possibilities to create what they did, and they had success… but in the past happened also that people with less possibilities had success…

Internet is Global and there is the need to understand that it’s changing everything economy, literature, distribution and also television… the only evolution? melt down on an ond standard internet… that’s the only way to see the future…

The First Video:

The Second Video (answer video):

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