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April 14, 2008
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I was addressed by a tweet this morning about a blog post that I really enjoyed of a person that I have never heard about, but was a really good and intelligent post, the person is Tony Wright, and the post I’m referring has as title “Does a Business Guy have a Place in Software Startups?

I have to say that the guy told the truth about how a company should work, and who should be in charge of a company, and also that makes me think about education, leaderships and experience, things that the boss should have embedded inside is soul.

  • Education – everyone has some education, and in my opinion the best education is learning more about what you love. For example I love languages and I love communication so I studied them, and now I apply that culture I acquired to my passion for ICT. People has to do what they love and they are going to do that in a better way and with a better spirit.
  • Leadership – this point can be summarize with those words “He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us” (taken from the meaning of the tattoo of Jack in Lost). A company needs a leader, someone that can direct the people and organize the job… and who better than the person that has the idea can drive the developing process?
  • Experience – Also if a person as a passion an has a technical background needs experience to get things done, in a way that he can deal with lots of things, and be prepared for everything.

In my job I see everyday people that tries to make their way on Internet without knowing anything about it, and I have to say that the best people that I know and that I admire are really passionate about Internet and their Job and the products that they develop are really great… and none of them has MBA on their curriculum. Business can’t be learn, is inside the man… also business man can’t understand totally a product if they don’t understand why it was created for (like internet) they make decisions based on guessing what could be the best thig to do… witout having the background or education to do the right choice.

I believe that an MBA can be useful for people passionate about something that are going to use the thing that they learn on their job and on the development of their dream and idea. No-one can develop a product better than the person that had the idea about it, the MBA guy can only help on doing it… a practical example… Two Steve of the most successful Computer companies the world, Steve Jobs (Apple CEO) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft CEO)… Who has the most degrees? Who has the most innovative company?
Jobs know what he want to do, he undertand computers and communication, he is computer and communication, and in the last years he made innovations (iPod, iPhone, MacBook, iTunes and others)… and he suceeded… Ballmer has lots of degrees, but he understand nothing about ICT, and created products like Vista and Zune… so my opinion, who has the idea has to develop, because he knows everything about and has the right vision…

If you wanna see a movie about this here it is: “Tucker: The man and His Dream“, one of my favorite ones… it’s about cars… but business and vision hasn’t close borders…

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