What’s wrong with Microsoft Marketing?
April 17, 2008
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In the last month I have to say that I have seen some effort from Microsoft to create a campaign that can make people understand that Microsoft Vista is the best OS ever and that lots of people had a wrong impression about it. The point is that on Internet for how many money you spend on advertising and on marketing, you can’t save a product that is incredibly wrong…

Windows Vista is the worst OS that has ever been created by Microsoft (maybe Windows ME was worse), but anyway, they made the effort to create the most incredible and usable OS… failing. Before everything I have to say that I have been a Windows User for almost 15 years and I worked as a IT guy for 6 years on Windows based machines, I was in charge or repairing and fixing customers computer, so I can say that I know how Microsoft and Windows work… when I tried Vista I was totally shocked:

  1. All the menus, icons and names were different, I didn’t know where to go to set up a network, thing that on XP takes a little if you know where to go.
  2. Then crashed lots of times.
  3. The computer was really challenged on keeping up with the resources need to make it work.
  4. Explorer was different, and was blocking half of the content of the web sites I usually visit.

I had the worst experience in my IT life… and i felt lucky and happy to be a Mac User. Lots can see that those points can be only my opinion, but if I look at the stats of my blog I can notice that:

  • Windows XP – 83.3%
  • Mac OSX – 6%
  • Windows Vista – 2.9%

As I can see that’s not only my opinion, the product is not good and the community doesn’t like it, a normal company would understand that there is something that doesn’t work and would understand the mistake, taking out from the market the product, fixing it, and giving it again later when it would have been ready. But that’s not Microsoft style, they put the money that they could have been using in fixing the problems on Marketing and Business Development.

To make everything simpler for the customers they released 5 different version of the same product, confusing the user, because they couldn’t understand what to do and what to buy, also looking at the features the user keep thinking… “mh… that could be useful for me…” the problem is that he doesn’t know what it is, how it works and is not going to use it because it forgets about it in the very next moment… is Human IT nature… people think they are the one and that they need everything… but they are not going to use it…

Then Microsoft comes out with the Home Server… cool… but how they come out with the idea of this campaign? “Stay at Home Servers” creating videos that are not really viral and a Child Book to promote it… and that book is available for sale on Amazon… something like that should have been given for free…

This morning I find a link form a Blog to the video below:

That’s one of the worst videos that I have ever seen.. and they payed for it… What I’m trying to say with this post is that no-one can buy Internet, everyone knows that Windows Vista is bad, and everyone says that, and an expensive marketing strategy can’t make people change their mind… that’s wisdom of the crowds… the crowd heals itself from any bad product, making surviving only the good things… My advise to Microsoft is to  stop spending money in Marketing and use them to  heal Vista, in a way that the community will advertise Vista… at the moment the best and most worth Marketing strategy is to make a good product and make the community talk about it. Do something good and the community will love it… so Microsoft learn from your mistake and step up… learn that there is the need to make a good product to have success and not a bad product with an expensive Marketing…

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  • I completely agree…this video is really embarrassing…

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