Internet and Running
April 24, 2008
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It’s a couple of days that I haven’t wrote nothing… I have been a little busy, but I have time for a little post 🙂
The last day I was running on the side of the lake of Lugano and noticing that other runners were saying hallo to me and that I was saying it back to them. That was great… but what cares with the web? Nothing really, but occurred in my mind something about the Blogosphere… something really important and that people sometimes doesn’t care or consider about, that is the Human factor.

When I run I try to do my best to try to achieve my goal, to go further and to increment my endurance, the same happens on Internet, I try daily to go further, to know more and to meet new people, and share my ideas with more people day by day. During my run I “exchange” support with people that I don’t know, and that they don’t know me, that really helps me to go further because is like being in a community that support itself, and that everyone helps the other to keep going and not to surrender. In internet I can see something like that, the people that supports me are people that read my ideas and more important they comment them, sometimes in a good and sometimes in a bad way, making me know that they consider what I write and that support me i with their consideration about me. “They say hallo to me while I’m running on Internet” and I say hallo to them, we support each other and we barely know each other, we know only what we share with each other and with the world… but the consideration that we demonstrate between each other is great, because we see the effort that we all make to communicate and share and we support each other.

On internet there are a lot of people that are Olympic athletes but  lot of them are not better runners than amateurs ones, they just don’t have the same visibility that we amateurs have. They are supported by everyone and more… So want to dedicate this post to my followers and especially to the ones that follows more Francesca, Francesco, Luigi, Alessandro, because blogging is great and is great to share ideas with people, but having a feedback and a revenue on what we write by other is simply wonderful…

Keep Blogging… and never back down…

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  • Thank you!

    Well, I completely agree with you. It’s great to have the ability to share ideas and thoughts on the net, but everything becomes even more satisfying when you engage the community around you into a conversations, which gives you feedback and more ideas.

    I love comments ad feedbacks when I write, even if they are negative (as it’s happening in these days…) because they encourage me in researching more my ideas and keep me focused on the fact that there are also other point of view to think about.

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