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April 30, 2008

I’m going in Boston at this conference, I will arrive a couple of days before this conference to do some meeting with clients, visit some good friends and visit a city in which I lived a lot of time and that I simply love.

The conference is hosted by the Berkman Center of Cyber law of Harvard, and the conference has the title of “The Future of the Internet”, the agenda and the speakers are really a lot and good ones, but my  concern is that I haven’t heard nothing about it on the blogs that I follow, not a little news, and this conference is really important to try to better understand what Internet is and also where it will be.

Anyway Internet is the land of the free and of the brave, everyone can talk about what they want, but in my opinion there is too much will for money on Internet and around the Bloggers, they wanna be the first, but they don’t want really to find solutions of what they see around. Copyright management as we know it is dead, there is the need to find new and different way to legalize a content distribution that is going to grow exponentially and independently from the copyright holders. Internet made distribution easy and content fruition even easier, there is the need to find a good solution to merge the gap between a technology that is making everything faster and a business model that is old and dead, there is the need to listen to the people that research it and look forward for new trends and possibilities.

Internet is evolving, and there is the need to regulate it in a way to preserve its freedom and openness… and find a way to make people have a gain from what they produce and distribute it legally… an advice… research new things… only by creating and discovering something new there would be an evolution…

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  • The conference sounds very interesting…I will surely read your comments about it!

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