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May 6, 2008
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I was reading this wonderful post of David Armano, and a lot of thoughts came to my mind… this post is really a big one is worth more that more that lot of people can think and he has a point… a big one.

This post on Internet Marketing is simply great… and I started to think that that has to be used not only on Internet business, but in the things that we do daily and we produce. Lots of times Internet Marketer tries to impress people with special effects about their products, trying to make people feel and see a different approach about the same aspect, for example on Tv, Web and Papers commercials are all the same, for example the ones about the beauty products, always present beautiful people that says that they can become like them by using a single product… Dove instead used a different approach, not saying that you can become beautiful, but that you are already beautiful, just unleash it… that’s something different, and is a viral campaign, because is completely different form the one of the competitors, and people remember what is different.

At the same way that people like and remember different things there is the need to understand that that has to be also for your service and your self… Communication is about sharing ideas, and ideas are considered more if they are original, and what you share with the others around you has to be original, no-one cares of reading the same s$#t… there is the need to find the way to become a purple cow… and people will see the difference and will consider you.

In Internet the marketing methods are always the same, there is the need to find a solution using a different approach… see the problem from a different side. Every day I surf on Internet and I see that there is advertising everywhere, on text, on banners, on images, on videos, in a page sometimes there is more adverting than content… an hight traffic web site you should put less advertising and give a right price, because that ad will be the one in the page and not one of the lots that are inside a page, gaining so much more visibility.

Wanna make a great Web Ad campaign… be creative, original and make user involved on it… and be different from competition 🙂

I wanna close this post with this video, but I have to say that people remember it once has been seen 🙂

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  • I do agree with the consideration that marketing and advertising has to change because the consumer has changed (a long time ago, btw).

    I think that the real success of the first Dove promo was not in the idea that you’re already beautiful (at least, not in the first place), but was stressing the fact that many beauty ideals we see on tv, ad, etc are actually artificial. Nowdays even an ugly girl can look great on a magazine, thanks to makeup and, especially, to Adobe’s Photoshop.

    So, if top model are not a myth any more, you don’t compete with them an, as a consequence, you don’t feel ugly any more.

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