Twitter, Scoble and Advertising…
May 7, 2008
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In the last days happens something that in my opinion was more interesting that the acquisition battle between Microsoft and Yahoo! that has been the Advertising that Robert Scoble put on his twitter account (explained perfectly in this post).

Scoble is followed by lots of people, and I have to say that he is an Internet Celebrity, how he became so for me is still a mystery… anyway… in those days he is on the lips of everyone because he decided to put advertising on his twitter account. Lots of people says that he was wrong, because in the past said that he doesn’t want any advertising on his Blog and so on… other says that now he is using twitter for gaining money… In my opinion people online are making problems that doesn’t exist.

Scoble is a showman… and as a showman he sells his visibility to people and companies that pays him  to  talk about them, then he uses the meanings that he uses everyday, that are his blog, his tv show and now his Twitter account. He is payed to do so… so don’t blame him too much.

This happening makes me think other sides of web marketing and communication. As said before a person become a celebrity when he has followers, and for example on Twitter there is a counter that shows the Following and the followers, that means that Scoble at the moment when it tweets an AD he reaches 22.708 people (or accounts)… when he tweets he reaches all them actively in a second, everyone reads the message, and that is an AD that is more performing than many other more web marketing methods, is cheap, fast and has a big revenue. For sure it’s a good way to market a product but there are a couple of problems in my opinion. The followers of Scoble can probably dislike his move to gain money, thinking that is not appropriate and that he doesn’t have to do so, so they decide to unsubscribe from his feed and not to follow him anymore, decreasing in this way the market power of the Scoble account. People follow Scoble because they wanna know more about new Internet features and so on… not about his sponsor, Seagate sponsors him on not on Twitter, so Robert please keep them on what they sponsor you.

The line before leads me to my second concern… that’s may be silly for some reason, but I think also to the ethic part of the business. Scoble has been payed to advertise his sponsor on Twitter, so he used a free service to gain money, Twitter uses no advertising (for now) to support the service and I really appreciate it, so why Scoble should make money directly on Twitter, I think that would be good in some way to devolve a little part of the money gained by the ad directly to Twitter so to make them gain something thinking that their platform is used. (Thinking to send an e-mail with this proposal about it to them.)

My opinion? Twitter as a marketing platform… why not!… but only if twitter can gain a little by them…

P.S. – In this post can be seen that also twitter accounts can be sold to people that wanna use it as a  marketing service

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  • Well I don’t find wrong advertising, as you said is normal for a blogstar to use his/her power to promote a product, receiving an economic compensation for that.

    The problem with Scoble was the fact that in the near past he had a very strong position about advertising on blogs and when he decided to add ads on his blog, he didn’t really explained, with the same clarity he used in his first anti-ad post, why he decided to change his mind.

    There is a problem of consistency in behavior there, and I think it’s this that bothers many people.

    Ad on Twitter is a whole different thing which you have to be very careful about. You have many followers that have decided to follow you that receive all your messages. Twitter ads can work only if kept under a very low threshold (read: 1-2 per week), otherwise the risk is to loose followers.

    I see Twitter ads as SMS ads. There are ads that doesn’t work very well because they invade your personal sphere of life, while a banner in a blog or a tv ad is much more distant.

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