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May 10, 2008
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Today Post will be about Music and communication. The most of our internet communications are text based, if we think about blogging, mail, chat, microblogging, everything is text based, we use graphic signs to communicate what we wanna say to others. That works perfectly most of the time… sometimes we use also iconic conventions to transmit to others our feeling, the best examples are emoticons that we put with the text messages to show our feeling… that is a good way, mostly because sometimes written text can be misunderstood… how many times you write smethig ambiguous and that beig mistaken by the other party… I had this problems a lot…

Other ways that people tries is to change the type of font used… for example screaming or shouting can be done by writing the message in capitol letters… or for example written in a different color, for example red for being angry and light blue to transmit “peace of spirit” to the other user…

When we wanna send a message to an another people, we send a content of meaning, that is the nucleus of the information that we wanna transmit to others, but with it (without knowing) we transmit also “meta informations” that are something like a shield around the principal meaning, those are emotions, the environment that is around us, the relation with the receiver of the message… those second kind of informations can’t be transmitted by a simple text message… so why “Music” in the title… maybe that could be the better way to transmit emotions with the text that we write… of course this way can create some problems of fruition, mostly because text is seen, but sound is heard, and two ways are needed to understand the content that has been transmitted… Music is embedded in the human hearth, listening to music that we love makes us happy, and listening to music that we hate makes us feeling bad… similar is the way that we listen to songs… a song can have the best lyric in the world, but if the music is awful, the words wouldn’t be considered for their beauty… and the same happens in the opposite side.

Music in my opinion could be used to send the meta informations, but there will be a problem of fruition… emoticons can work, but are limited to the number of them available, Music can be always different…

The last line of this post will be a song from my favorite Italian Singer, Luciano Ligabue (he is the only Italian that I listen)… he wrote a love song that in my opinion is a double layer love song… is great in the layer of the words and great in the layer of the music…

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