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May 20, 2008
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I’m back from Boston, and It has been a while since I last wrote something… the last days have been really busy for work and personal things… but here is a new post about a thing that happened during the Conference and that made me think about the value of time on Internet.

Time is the most important thing in a life of a man in my opinion, it is limited and no-one can buy more… and we have to use it wisely, and use it to try on things that really matter to us. During a presentation I have met a person, we exchanged our opinions, and at the end we exchanged our contact informations, then he said to me: “Where are you based? – If I call You I wanna know what time is it for you“… In that moment I started to think how on Internet the space and the “place” is not really considered.

Internet managed to vistualize everything, everything that can be stored as information, things that could be  stored and reached locally or remotely. This happens also for people. We are big containers of thoughts and informations, that can be reached everywhere and easily trough Internet. Then with asynchronous ways of communication like email we can connect with some delays between each other. The time and the delay between the exchange of informations are so little that time became relative to people… and space too…

Space became useless as said before, but Time didn’t… we managed to speed up everything and to connect with people that are not close to us… in seconds. With more powerful and fast ways to connect we improved the time… we seeded it up… time and people now are regardless of time zones, we now live in one big time zone, where people start to connect between each other regardless were we are, or which time it is now in an another country. We can call, see the status of a Skype contact and send a mail to everyone… and when we receive an answer we can see it in the moment that we weak up.

The concept of “Time Zone” in Internet Business isn’t valid anymore… Internet people are global, are placed virtually in a common place where there is no rest and no night… just little delays… 🙂

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  • Edoardo:
    our “real world” perception of space and time is probably an important factor of what Dan Gillmor calls A new media literacy.
    I’m writing this comment as a reminder, for those of us (as we were saying yesterday in our Skype conversation) who envisage taking an active role in providing an example of what “Constitutional Blogging” would mean .. towards encouraging the progressive creation of a new media literacy .. in spite of the problem described by Don Gillmor as follows:
    …In this emergent global conversation, which has created a tsunami of information, what can we trust?

    How we govern ourselves on the Web depends in significant ways on the answers. To get this right, we’ll have to re-think, or at least re-apply, some older cultural norms in distinctly modern ways.

    It comes down, in significant ways, to some principles, both for media consumers and creators. They add up to a 21st Century notion of what we once called “media literacy.” But media literacy has generally lacked the kind of participatory piece that is so essentially a part of digital media.

    Even those of us who are creating a variety of media are still — and always will be — more consumers than creators. ..

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