Data Security? Sometimes is on Internet…
May 23, 2008
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Lots of people keep saying that put data on Internet can be a danger… that those data could be accessed by other people, and for this reason lot of people still have fear to use remote/online back-up services… Data like business strategies or project can be vital for a company or for a person and lots of them has to be stored in a safe place… but with new technologies we managed to deliver content and data from one side of the world to an another in seconds… and in safe ways… but lots of people keep thinking that the best way to secure data are storing them in personal devices, like USB Pens, Storing Devices and Personal Computers… but this news made me think (thank Andreas for the link).

The news says that for security reasons the data of your computer can be copied by Homeland Security and other Agencies… In my opinion there are a couple of problems with that… privacy and uselessness…

  • Privacy – There is a violation of the privacy. No doubt about it. For example I use my computer for work and for my life… I have business information, projects, but also pictures, thoughts, movies, that concern only with my life… and no-one has to care for it, except for me. Of course there are things that I want to keep private…
  • Uselessness – I think that this measure adopted by the government is something almost completely useless. What if I store every single file remotely on web services like Carbonite and having in y computer only a terminal to access to it… with out any Password saved inside. Copying the data of my computer would be completely useless… there would be a copy of my OS, and everything would be stored inside my brain… links, user id and passwords…

The only safe way will be to copy the brain of a person… Remote security and storage has really good points… but can have some vulnerability like for example the inaccessibility in case of a lack of Internet connection where you are going… The only way to be secure is to copy the data in different secure places outside your computer… the worst thing is that you computer and your data could reach the hands of competitor, and using good and tested Social Engineering data can be stole… (sometimes people have servers stolen in warehouses with the only use of words).

The only thing? keep your data stored in a safe place… and in my opinion storing services that uses certificates and RSA security devices are good to help you keep your secrets and privacy… 🙂

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