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May 29, 2008
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In this post I wanna talk about a person that I really like, and that I have to say is the prototype of the Web2 Entrepreneur, Jason Calacanis. Jason on his Blog posted some slides with the title “Entrepreneurial Insanity“, slides that are embedded just below.

Personally I have tried to meet him last December at LeWeb3, but he was really busy networking with people, so I decided to move along and not to make him lose time with me. As said before, in my opinion Jason is really inside the spirit of the Web2 and he is realizing a project that is really great, that is Mahalo, is a different approach about the search engines, and until there wouldn’t be a really great AI or the perfect algorithm for search engines, Mahalo is going to give the best quality of search results.

Mr. Calacanis is a man that has no fear to share with others his own suggestions and ideas about how to drive a company (as can be seen from the slides) and in my opinion lots of companies are going to fail because they doesn’t have a methodology in selecting the right people to work with, in a way to reach the excellence.

From my worker experience I have to say that he is right, but there are also factors of the person that you hire that are independent from their way of work… those are the behavior and the character of the person. A person can be a stakhanovist and a really good worker, but can be a completely as$&#le, a person not able to make team work and a person that is really egocentric, a person totally impossible to work with, a person that is able to destroy a team with his own attitude… I think that the best solution is to hire someone else…

Other factor to consider and that is independent from the people that you hire is who is the entrepeneur. I know really a lot of people that wanna become entrepreneurs, because is cool to be one… but the 90% of them are unable to be one. Lots of people follow seminars of becoming perfect and great on that, but in my opinion they have to own characteristics that are proper of the best entrepeneur, like respect, loyalty, stong mind.

Creating a company is hard, needs lot of work, and Mr. Calacanis gives experiences and suggestions to people that are leaders, but that they haven’t enough experience to keep going a successful company… and from what I can see Jason Calacanis is a real entrepreneur.

The slides embedded above are copyright of Jason Calacanis.

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  • I completely agree with you on the idea of Calacanis as a great entrepreneur. I also love the fact that’s often politically uncorrect. His post about how to run a startup created a lot of noise, even in the most competitive areas of the US, but it was in reality just a very useful and realistic series of suggestions an entrepreneur should always consider.

    We’ll approach him toghether next December 😉

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