Go Firefox… A Browser as Unique as You…
June 4, 2008
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I’m a Mac user and I’m proud to say that I use Firefox, I love the browser for what it makes me do and for the spirit embedded inside.

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The version 2 release that I’m using is great, open, safe and makes me do also the things that I wasn’t able  to do with Safari. I love its open soul and the possibility that gives to people to create plug-ins in a way to have a better fruition of the web and of Internet. A browser is not only a way to see web pages… is a mean that we use to communicate with people, to share experiences and also produce our work in a better way.

I have to say that we all use the browser almost the 90% of our internet time and by using it we know how to use it… we become skilled and when we start to reach a certain level we start to feel the need to upgrade or to pimp our browser in a way to improve our productivity. We do that by customizing it in a way that suits for us, in a way that it can be a mean to save time on our Internet time. Different browsers have to do the same basic thing, browsing HTML pages, but users are different and has different needs, needs that can be solved by a customization. I use Firefox not only for their reliability, but for the possibility that it gives me to customize it in a way to make me save time.

So remember that you need a fully customizable and free browser, something that is unique like you, uniquie like Firefox…

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