TechTalk 2008 – Italian Internet Geeks
July 7, 2008
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This is something like a post that doesn’t concern properly the idea of this Blog, anyway as people have read on my Twitter, this week-end I have been at the Italian TechTalk 2008 and I have to say that I really enjoyed it… and for sure I will be back the next time.

– The brainstorming session in the morning –
Picture on Flikr by “lucazappa

That wasn’t really a conference, was a place where friends with the common interest of Internet were going to present themselves and also to discuss their idea in a climax of respect and friendship. I have to say that personally I didn’t know by person any of the people present at this event, but living with them closely I linked with them in a way that I wouldn’t never been able to do on Internet.

– One of the moment of the “poolball” play –
Picture on Flikr by “novecentino

I have to thank every single person present at the event because I really had a great time, I discovered new friends and I also I have to say that I paying with them in the pool I really trust them… Lot has been said and done… new partnership has been created… new business opportunities has been shared, developed, found and considered… just with some brainstorming sessions and by seeing each other not as competitors but as friends… with the objective to help each other…

– My “poolball” team –
Picture on Flikr by “novecentino

I have to say that is really good to meet people outside the Web… stronger and more reliable links can be built because we see people that which we only work with in an everyday life… out of an environment that usually we met… now I can say that I know those people and for sure possible collaboration would be based not only on the professional side but also on the personal side… In a certain way I can say that I trust them… and also trust in me…

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  • I completely agree with you. It has been a wonderful weekend where we all bond together linked by a common passion and values of respect and help.

    I really love my job and my competitors :-))

  • Francesca says:

    W the mikamai poolball team!! 😀

  • What-a-wonderful-post!!!! Yep, I have been enjoying a lot and feel charged enough to start something cool….you guys look so professional in swimming costume!!!!
    When TECHTALK means….working hard


  • ivan says:

    it was fun to see all the geeks turning into poolball berserkers 🙂

    I still rememeber Stevano Vitta, tatooed, coming forward roaring.. dragging three people across the swimming pool! scary view !!

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