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July 23, 2008
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This morning I have seen a Twitter of a friend of mine that were saying something about the new interface that Facebook is testing and that can be reached by everyone at this address Here is an image of that (click to enlarge):

Here is my personal profile, of course I have blurred for privacy reasons the names and the pictures of my friends, that’s because this page has to regard only me. Anyway from what I can see at the moment I really like it… it cleaner and fresh… there is the need to say that for lot of people the news and the edits of this page are not going to be welcome, usually users likes little edits over the time and not a massive amount of edits in one time. That’s will be probably a thing that people are not going to enjoy completely.

From what I can see there is more focus on the most important features that the social network has, like for example the “What are you doing?” that I have to say is an adaptation of Twitter, by giving it way more importance and space on the page… the new page is more or less 50px larger, that means that there is more room where to distribute the information of the user. A thing that I didn’t liked has been:

  • FriendFeed – On my feed is written that I have activity on it, but before I had that message and actually a description of the activity… that is bad when you wanna share the content that you discover and that you wanna share.
  • One Page Application – In the old page there was the possibility to add and see all your application on one single page, you had your page and that was it, everyone were able to look at it and see all your stuff. Now your applications are distributed on various pages that can be accessed by using the tab in the top of the page. That’s bad because I should been able to choose what to put on my front page and then create Pages where to put more application, not a page per application. Anyway I had to say that i was really impressed by looking at the application that the map and the info were clearer and I was able to look at it in a faster and better way.

I have to say that Facebook really spend good money and time on this restyle and at the end I have to say that I really enjoyed the part of the design, where there are cleaner colors and also more room to visualize the information of the user… what I didn’t liked was the possibility to customize the user home page… ok is good to distribute the application in various pages, but people should choose what to show to people asap they enter in the web site. Anyway will be the Internet User to declare the importance of the application and the success of it… 🙂

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