Back on Track… soon… vacation needed…
July 28, 2008
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It’s a lot that I don’t do some good post of analysis… and I really miss it… The last weeks have been really challenging on my personal and private side… things that I don’t wanna share and make public and that slowed down my rate of Internet Activity… All I can say is that the pressure that I had from the Master Thesis I’m writing, the work I’m doing as a consultant and the Web Service that I’m opening didn’t helped for sure to reflect quietly about those… (anyway don’t worry, I’m 100% Healthy and doing a job that I love šŸ™‚ ) so I decided to take some time off to reorganize my ideas and relax a little… in a way to take everything a little slower… in a certain way I can write about privacy and time… things that are really important and that Internet People and Addicts haven’t the ideas clear about them…

Privacy is what you share and what you decide to share… always remember that… broadcasting things make yourself know a lot… people can understand what you do and what you are… and of course broadcast your feelings makes you show that you fear nothing… because more public you are more you can be attached by other or your enemies, and they can use what you expose… Anyway in your public life there are different levels of decision sharing environments… a thing that I have learn (and that people would think that is obvious) in this period… share things before with the closest ones and then with the world… the relations that you have with them are different… one is more intimate and important, the other is more general…

Time is the most important thing ever… our time is limited and is important… I know lots of you are some kind of multitasking, but organizing your time and tasks is important… a “To Do List Sw” (Things I personally suggest) and a “Time Tracking Sw” (Rescue Time I personally suggest) can save your life… if the time is used wisely you can do as may activities you want… There is always the need to find some time for yourself…

That’s why I’m taking a vacation after 7 years of work+study… a vacation that I need and that will be important for me and myself… Unfortunately for the Internet Spirit I’m not going to broadcast a lot of them with you all… for the points that I listed before… I need some rest and time… the only thing that I can share with you all is that it will start tomorrow afternoon and I will be back the 8th of August and that in this period I will be able to visit the town of Smiljan that is the hometown of Nikola Tesla, a person that I have always admired for his genius and spirit of creation.

In this period probably I will not be able to twitt or to write any post or to upload any photo on Flickr, or else… for me this period would be some offline vacations (incredibly I will be without a computer)… as I promised some time ago to a person.

So see U all in 10 days… With new discussion, posts, new ideas and updates… and relax a little… šŸ™‚

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