… back from vacation. New Things Learnt…
August 8, 2008

Hi there, almost 24 hours ago I came back from my vacations in Montenegro and I started to twitt a little. I have shared a couple of things that I have found interesting. At the end of the vacation I have almost 650 feeds to read, almost 120 mail to answer and so on… as can be said there is a lot to do… so slowly I’m starting to get back to work.

I had all the time to rest and to think about myself and at the important things that were happening in my life, important decisions and also life changing things to take care of… I have to say sincerely that this vacation was something like a life recovery time… a wellness potion… not only for the places that have been, the people I have met and the things that I have done… but for something different… something completely unexpected… all those things helped me to remember the man I was and that I liked to be…

Watching and meeting the people around me, I have learned by their experiences and personalities, and them by sharing their ideas and experiences managed to give me a boost, a different reading key of my life… something like the core purpose of Internet, but in a really smaller range. Where few and unknown people meet and share, and change each other.

During this time I managed to re-invent myself and to understand lots of things, one of them is: We have talents and that we have to give them to the people that we love and love us back. Thinking to give them to the whole world is too much and ambitious… we have to think on how to give the best of us to the people that are close to us… to try to make them living in a better place, to make them happy for how much we can… and (in my opinion) if we do our best for the people around us, what we do is going to be even greater for the rest of the world… but we are going to see the results on the people around us, we can see their appreciation on their eyes and smiles.

“Create with your head, but think with your heart.”

There is the need to remove the fears that we have in our head and to try to achieve our ideas and try to realize them, despite of what people can say about them… everything is worth to be attempted if it can give happiness to the ones close to your heart… If you know you are right go for it… and fear nothing… I prefer to live with knowing that I have failed in something than living with the regret not to have tried something…

At the beginning I wanted to write a short post… just to show to you all that I’m alive… but I managed to write things that are important for me and that became fresh memory again on me… anyway I have to say that I feel reborn and happy, thk to a thought that is always on my head.

P.S. – At the end I didn’t managed to see Smiljan as I planned, will be for the next time… 🙂

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  • Sara says:

    Bellissimo post Edo!
    grande…sono felice che non ti sei fermato all’ “I’m Alive” =)

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